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Northgate Primary School

Northgate Primary School


At Northgate we believe that attendance is of vital importance in helping a child to secure a good education and to access the learning opportunities being made available to them throughout the school day.

Attendance is tracked and monitored very carefully and meetings are held regularly to review attendance percentages.  The school works closely with our designated Educational Welfare Officer.

Children are required to maintain an attendance of 97% and above.

Illness and Medical Appointments


Parents/carers must contact the school if their child is not able to attend.  We have a system in place in which we will contact you by text message if your child is not in school.

You can contact the school by phone on 01278 226070 and leave a message on the pupil absence line at any time or email the school office on office@northgateprimaryschool.org.uk

If your child has a medical appointment, we ask that you provide the school office with an official letter or proof of the appointment, this will be kept on your child’s records.  We would always encourage and prefer appointments to be made out of school time.



Where lateness of arrival at school is an issue, letters of encouragement are sent to parents/carers.  If poor attendance is the result of an on-going medical matter, a letter to gain consent to approach the GP for confirmation will be issued.  In extreme cases of continued non-attendance a Penalty Notice will be issued.

Attendance Incentive


We do recognise and celebrate those pupils who have excellent attendance at school. Certificates and prizes are awarded at the end of each week, term and year.

  • A certificate is given to the class with the highest weekly attendance and they are rewarded with the use of the X-Box for the week
  • At the end of each term, Autumn, Summer and Spring, we celebrate pupils who have achieved 100% attendance, with no more than one late and no holidays, with a a certificate and pencil and coveted membership of the 100% club. All pupils who have achieved 96% attendance or more have a Golden Ticket.  This ticket is entered into a draw to win a £10.00 Argos voucher
  • For any pupil who achieves 100% attendance for the whole academic year is able to go on a reward trip

Attendance Policy 


Term Time Leave


Term time leave must be requested in writing to the school in advance of the leave via a term time leave request form. Only requests with exceptional circumstances will be considered. Those parents who take their children out of school without prior consent put themselves at risk of receiving a penalty notice.

Term Time Leave Request Form

The Impact of Absence


Below is guidance as to how absence impacts upon attendance each term and over the year.

Attendance Percentage

Day missed over an average school term



The target for everyone. Rewards available for pupils reaching this.

Over 97%

= 5 days absence (or less) in one year. Very good attendance.

Below 97%

Your child's chances of good grades are in danger. Support from class teachers is available if you are ill for long periods or have other reasons for days of absence from school. We can help.

Below 90%

= more than 4 school weeks off school. This is called 'Persistent Absence'. Your child's chance of good grades is negatively affected.