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Welcome to Blake Class! My name is Jessica Walford and I am the class teacher. Mrs Popham works alongside me and we make up the Blake Class team. 

Class Information

The children have settled in really well and have already done some fantastic things at Northgate. 

Please click on the links below for all the information about what the class will be learning about during the Spring Term. 

Spring Term Newsletter click here

Spring B Curriculum Overview click here

Spring B Knowledge Organiser click here

At the beginning of the academic year, I held a curriculum meeting to provide more information about the teaching and learning in Year 1. Please find the presentation from the meeting below. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. 

Blake Curriculum Meeting Presentation

Learning in Blake Class

Spring Term

Spring A

During the first half of the Spring Term we learnt about Space. 

Spring A Curriculum Overview click here

Spring A Knowledge Organiser click here

Egg Drop Challenge

During our Science creativity week, Blake Class had to find the best material to protect an egg astronaut when it lands on the moon. The children drew an astronaut face on their egg and then carefully chose a material to wrap it in.



Once the children had wrapped their egg astronaut in a protective material, we took them outside and dropped them. The children found it very funny when the egg cracked!



Making Rockets

In DT, Blake Class made rockets using recyclable materials. The children showed great sharing and turn taking skills and they all made wonderful rockets. Well done Blake Class! 



Forest School

Blake Class went to Forest School to hunt for the signs of winter. The children really enjoyed exploring the area and we found lots of signs of winter including leaf skeletons and moss covered branches. 



Once we had found the signs of winter we drew a picture of what Forest School looks like in the winter. We are going to go back to Forest School in the summer and draw another picture to compare the difference between the seasons. 



Strongest Material Investigation

In Science, we have been learning about materials. Blake Class wanted to find out what would be the best material to use to make a rocket. We decided that the material needed to be strong so we used weights to test the strength of different materials.



Explorer Dome

To kick start our Space topic, Blake Class had a visit from the Explorer Dome. We learnt all about the sun, moon and the stars. We really enjoyed hearing the stories about the constellations. 



Autumn Term

Autumn Term Newsletter click here

Autumn B

During the second half of the Autumn Term we learnt about Bridgwater Carnival and The Great Fire of London. 

Autumn B Curriculum Overview click here

Autumn B Knowledge Organiser click here

Christmas Carols at Blake Court

On Wednesday 18th December 2019, Blake Class went to Blake Court to sing some songs from our recent nativity performance. Both the residents and the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves.


Christmas Decorations

This year the PTA kindly donated some scratch off Christmas decorations for the children to make. Blake Class really enjoyed designing and making their decorations. 


Great Fire of London Workshop

Sam from the Somerset Heritage Centre came into Blake Class to teach us all about the Great Fire of London.

We had a go at putting out a pretend fire by passing a bucket of water down a long line, just like the people would have done during the Great Fire of London. 


We also learnt about how Samuel Pepys wrote a diary during the Great Fire of London. Then, we had a go at writing with a quill and ink just like Samuel Pepys.


The best part of the afternoon was dressing up!


Carnival Parade

Once we had finished making our carnival carts, we held our very own Northgate Carnival. We invited our parents and carers to the parade and we also had our carnival carts judged by an official Bridgwater carnival judge. It was a wonderful way to celebrate our hard work. 




Congratulations to our winners!

Carnival Cart Parent Workshop

Blake Class have been learning all about Bridgwater and Rio de Janeiro carnival. As part of our DT project, the children invited their parents into school to help them design and make their very own carnival cart. This year we based our carnival carts on the theme of flight. The children and their parents worked very hard and they all produced an excellent carnival cart. 





Autumn Artwork

During October half term, the children went on a walk with their parents and carers to hunt for the signs of Autumn. Back in school, the children used their Autumn treasures to create some wonderful pieces of art. 



Autumn A

During the first half of the Autumn Term we learnt about ourselves and during our multi-cultural creativity week we learnt about Australia. 

Autumn A Curriculum Overview click here

Multi-Cultural Creativity Week - Australia

During our creativity week, McKinley's mum came into school to teach us how to play the didgeridoo. It made a very funny sound! 



We also learnt about the Aboriginal people of Australia. We had a go at creating our own Aboriginal art work using the technique of dots. 



Visit to Blake Court

In History, we have been looking at changes within our living memory. The children wrote questions to ask the residents at Blake Court about what life was like when they were a child. The children couldn't believe they only had one black and white television and learnt to swim in the river!



Junk Model London Landmarks 

In Geography, we found out that the capital city of the UK and England is London. We learnt about some of the famous landmarks in London and then had a go at making them out of junk modelling equipment. 



We also watched a live webcam of Westminster Bridge to see what was happening in London as we were sat in the classroom. 

Smell Investigation

In Science, we have been learning about our body and the five senses. We carried out an investigation using our sense of smell. We had to smell the pots and guess what was inside - it was lots of fun! 



Terrific Tour Guides

In Geography, we have been learning about the UK and where we live. In pairs, the children researched one of the four countries of the UK and then presented their facts to the rest of the class.



Teddy Bears Picnic

To conclude our learning of the story Where's My Teddy, we brought our own teddies into school and had a teddy bears picnic. 



We started by making jam sandwiches.



Then we made crowns for our teddy bear's.




We took the teddies on an adventure before finding a suitable place to sit down and eat our jam sandwiches. 

Where's My Teddy

In English, we have been learning the story Where's My Teddy by Jez Alborough. The children enjoyed working together to act out the story.