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Blake Class Archive 2021/22


Welcome to Blake Class! My name is Miss Ridler and I am the year 1 class teacher. Working in Blake Class we also have our class Teaching Assistant, Miss Brown as well as Mrs Gale-Robbins and Miss Nunn, our 1:1 teaching assistants. We will be using this page throughout the year to keep you updated on our learning.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to speak to a member of staff on the gate in the mornings or myself at the end of the day. You can also email me on ng-blake@northgateprimaryschool.org.uk

Learning in Blake Class


We have had such a busy year! We have learnt lots of different things and had so many great experiences together. We hope you all have a lovely and safe summer and we will see you in September!

At the end of the year we said goodbye to Miss Nunn who is going to be leaving us to have her own baby!

Please click on the links below for all the information about what Blake Class will be learning in the Summer Term.

For our Summer newsletter Click Here

Summer B - Animal Kingdom

Summer B Curriculum Overview Click Here

Summer B Knowledge Organiser Click Here


A BIG Thank you for all of your support with our ice cream sale.

We managed to raise £160 towards our end of year trip to the zoo!

We had the best day at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm and saw lots of different animals - we even got to hold some, including a snake! Our favourite part of the whole trip was meeting the rhinos who greeted us with a very smelly poo!




Science - Animals

We have been learning about the different groups of animals and different ways we can organise animals. We learnt to describe diets using the words carnivore, omnivore and herbivore - we even had to dissect some animal poo to see which group it belonged too!


PE - Cricket

We have been enjoying learning how to play cricket in PE this half term with Mr Armitage.



RE - Judaism

This half term we have been continuing our learning about Judaism. We learnt about the Jewish festival of Sukkot and made our own succahs inspired by some real life examples




Summer A - Plants

Summer A Curriculum Overview Click Here

Summer A Knowledge Organiser Click Here


Health and Wellbeing Week

We took part in some great activities throughout health and wellbeing week.

We started the week with a whole school wake and shake...

...and finished the week with our whole school sports day!



Jo from Asda came to teach us about healthy eating. We made yogurt with different berries and were very excited to try it!


We also got to do some extra PE with Miss Waygood! We all joined in with an obstacles course using all of the skills we have learnt this year.



RE - Judaism

We have been learning about the religion of Judaism. We leant about how the Jewish new year (Rosh Hashanah) is celebrated and got to try our own apple and honey too - Shanah Tovah!



Planting at Brewery Field

We are very excited to see the new building work happening at Brewery fields. We went and helped plant some water plants in the new park. We look forward to being able to visit the park once it is open!



Spring B - Under the Sea

For our Spring Newsletter Click Here

Spring B Curriculum Overview Click Here

Spring B Knowledge Organiser Click Here



During STEM week, we completed lots of different activities to earn our CREST award. We had great fun investigating bubbles, plants and even mud! 




At the end of the week we celebrated our achievements with a STEM themed dress up and STEM fayre so that we could share our learning with our friends and families.



World Book Day

We loved dressing up to celebrate World Book Day. We took part in lots of activities including time in the library and story time and a scavenger hunt with our friends from year 2. We all got our own story to take home too!




Dan the Skipping Man

We had a visit from Dan 'the Skipping Man' who taught us all how to use skipping ropes safely. We loved learning a new skill and look forward to having a go on the playground!




Spring A - Incredible Journeys!

Spring A Curriculum Overview Click Here

Spring A Knowledge Organiser Click Here


Explorer Dome

To finish the half term, we were lucky enough to have a trip in the explorer dome where we learnt some more about journeys to space to finish our learning about explorers this half term. We were all very brave as we were a little scared of the dark!



NSPCC Number Day

We all enjoyed our number themed dress up for NSPCC number day! Thank you for all of your kind donations for the day.


Where the Wild Things Are

This half term, we have been enjoying working with they year 2 children from Brunel Class in our art lessons. We have been looking at the text 'Where the Wild Things Are' by Maurice Sendak.

We have been practising our sketching skills to do some still-life drawing before working together on a collaborative drawing with ink.




English - Beegu

At the beginning of the half term, Blake Class noticed something strange has happened - a rocket ship had crashed at Northgate!


The following day, we found the owner of the rocket ship - an alien called Beegu! Beegu left us a story to explain how she crashed on Earth and has been helping us to write our own alien adventure stories this half term.



This half term we have been learning about rhythm and beat. We have been learning to play the glockenspiel to perform a class song.




RE - Christianity

At the beginning of the half term, Meg visited from Westcan Church to tell us how Christians celebrate Christenings. Using Godly play, we reenacted a Christening and explored why these were special celebrations for Christians.





This half term we have enjoyed learning some gymnastic skills with our sports coach - Mr Armitage.




Autumn B - How did The Great Fire Impact London?

Thank you to these of you who joined us for our Autumn curriculum meeting. If you did not manage to join us, the presentation can be found here.

Please click on the links below for all the information about what we will be learning during the Autumn term.

Autumn Newsletter click here

Autumn B Curriculum Overview click here

Autumn B Knowledge Organiser click here



We have enjoyed lots of different activities in the last week of school to celebrate Christmas! We joined the rest of KS1 to perform 'A Wriggly Nativity'. Blake Class were sheep, shepherds and stars.



We also had a class Christmas party were we played lots of games and enjoyed some party food!



We also had a lovely Christmas lunch!




The Great Fire Of London

Blake Class have enjoyed learning about The Great Fire of London this half term. We were lucky enough to have Sam from the Somerset Heritage Museum visit us to teach us lots of interesting facts about the fire. We had a go at writing with a quill like Samuel Pepys would have, dressing up as different people from 1666 and working as a team to practise passing water using a leather bucket.




Colour Mixing

We enjoyed exploring colour mixing to make our own pictures of The Great Fire of London. We especially enjoyed getting messy and mixing the paints with our hands!




Science - Materials

We have been learning about different materials and their properties this half term . We tested which materials were waterproof and investigated the question 'Which material would make the best boat to escape The Great Fire of London?'.




Dance Workshop

We enjoyed learning how to dance the zumba in our dance workshop this half term.




Autumn A - What do we Know About the World Around us?


Autumn A Curriculum Overview click here

Autumn A Knowledge Organiser click here


Creativity Week

For creativity week this half term we have been learning all about Australia! We took part in lots of different activities including painting, drawing and cooking. At the end of the week, the whole school came together to show the parents our super art work in a multi-cultural parade!





End of Term Party!

To celebrate earning all of our pom-poms in our jar, we joined year 2 for a halloween party! We enjoyed playing different party games, listening to spooky music and dancing with our friends.



Harvest Festival

In music this half term, Blake Class have been learning a song to perform for our Harvest Festival. This was our first time performing in front of the whole school!



Geography - Our Local Area

In Geography, we have been looking at where in the world we live. We know that we live in the town of Bridgwater and used maps to identify where this is in the world. We went on a walk of our local area to identify human and physical features.



We also visited Melissa at Bridgwater House who wanted our help to develop their new waiting room! We enjoyed playing with their different toys and playing in their playhouse.




Science - The Human Body and Our Five Senses

We have been enjoying learning all about the human body this half term. In groups we worked together to see how many different parts of the human body we could name.



Over the year, we are going to investigate how much we grow.


We have enjoyed taking part in different experiments to explore our senses. We took part in an eye test and learnt that we have one stronger eye and one weaker eye.

We have also explored our sense of taste. We learnt the words sweet, sour, salty and bitter and used them to described different foods. We enjoyed tasting the cake and smarties but didn't enjoy the lemon as much!



We enjoyed testing our sense of hearing with a walk around the school. We used our special listening ears to help us!



Inspired Playground

We had a great afternoon with the year 5 children who showed us how to use the different playground markings.