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Welcome to Blake Class! My name is Miss Wood and I am the Year 1 class teacher. Working in Blake Class we also have our class Teaching Assistant, Mrs Searle. We will be using this page throughout the year to keep you updated on our learning.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to speak to a member of staff on the gate in the mornings or myself at the end of the day. You can also email me on


Learning in Blake Class

Reading Gazebo

This week, we have enjoyed listening to stories in the reading gazebo. We have also been sharing our favourite books with each other and explaining why we like them.




Spring B - To Infinity and Beyond

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Children's Mental Health Week 

Blake Class took parts in lots of activities to celebrate Children's Mental Health Week. We took part in a session with Helen from SCARF to learn about the different emotions we feel and how to deal with them. We completed some mindfulness yoga and breathing exercises to help ourselves feel relaxed and calm. Also, we went outside and completed some collaborative chalk art inspired by nature. Thank you to Miss Gibbs who invited us to a special music for wellbeing sessions. It was also very exciting to create a class wellbeing box, where we brought in items that are special to us and shared why they make us feel happy.




Oak House Charity Day

The children in Oak House dressed up as animals to raise money for their chosen charity. The outfits looked great! Well done for dressing up for a good cause!



On Wednesday 7th February, Blake Class took part in their first ever Dance-a-thon! Across the day, we completed short dance sessions to raise money for our upcoming trips. To finish the day, we had a dance party with dancing games and tasty snacks. Thank you to all of the people that donated to our dance-a-thon, it was a fantastic day and we raised lots of money for our enterprise. 





Class Pom Pom Treat

Blake Class received 15 pom poms in their superstar so they were treated to a treat of snacks and a movie on a Friday afternoon. The children chose the treat and enjoyed the film Despicable Me 2!



NSPCC Number Day 2024



Designing, Making and Evaluating our own Puppets

Blake Class have worked extremely hard in their DT lessons this half term. We investigated the different joining techniques used to join two materials together. We then designed and made our own puppets using techniques such a sewing, stapling and gluing. Here is some of the final products!



Biomes in a Box with Franklin Class

Blake Class were very lucky to visit the children in Franklin Class where they shared their “biome in a box” project with us. We listened carefully to everything the Year 6’s had learnt and congratulated them on the creation of their fantastic biomes.



DT - Weather Puppets

In DT, we will be making our own weather finger puppets. We have been looking at different puppets and investigating how the different pieces of material are joined together. We then had a go at joining two materials using a variety of techniques including stapling, sewing, pinning and gluing. 




Music - Pulse, Tempo and Beat

We have been learning the song "Hey You" and discussing the importance of finding the pulse of the music and staying in time to the beat. Last week, we used the glokenspiels to practise playing an instrument in time with the music.



Wind Vane Experiment

As part of our "Seasonal Change" topic, we have spent some time making our own wind vanes and taking them outside to test how the wind direction and strength can change over the week. Luckily, our experiment happened over the course of storm Jocelyn, so we were able to experience the strong winds of a storm.




Explorer Dome

We had a very exciting morning this week as we got to experience the Explorer Dome! We went inside the dome to learn about the planets in space and listen to stories about the constellations of stars. This has made us all very excited for our "To infinity and beyond" topic next half term. 



Seasons Fashion Show

To assist with our "Seasonal Change" topic, Blake Class put on our very own seasons fashion show. Volunteers were selected to dress up in seasonal clothing and walk down the catwalk. The audience had to guess which season the clothing represented. It was lots of fun and we developed our understanding of seasonal clothing.



Layers of the Ocean

In Geography, we completed a class experiment to investigate the different layers of the ocean. We used different liquids to create the different layers in the jar and labelled all five layers of the ocean. It was fascinating to practically see it in front of us.


Spring A - Under the Sea

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Our Christmas Activities Photo Gallery!






Blake Class have been working so hard on their Nativity. They practiced the songs and actions for over 4 weeks and then finally performed to the whole school. Thank you to all the parents and carers who came to watch. It was great to see the children's confidence grow and they all put on a fabulous performance.


Christmas Crafts Session

Thank you to all the parents and carers that came to our Christmas card making session. It was a lovely afternoon and definitely kicked off our Christmas celebrations in Blake Class.





In PE, we have been focusing on Gymnastics. Mr Armitage set us the challenge of completing a teddy bear roll and a forwards roll. We were all very resilient.



Visits to Avalon Nursing Home

Over the past couple of weeks, we have visited Avalon Nursing Home to take part in arts and crafts sessions with the residents. It has been fantastic to watch Blake Class interact with the residents and create lots of lovely pieces of art. We even got to meet the nursing home's resident bunny rabbit! We are looking forward to our last couple of sessions.




Children in Need 2023

We enjoyed wearing our pyjamas to school to raise money for Children in Need! 



Remembrance Day 2023

As a class, we discussed the meaning behind Remembrance day and thought about the importance of the two minute silence. We made a class poppy to commemorate the soldiers. As part of her show and tell, Frankie made a powerpoint explaining all about her great, great, great uncle who fought in World War 1. She brought in some of his belongings and shared them with the class. It was amazing to see how much effort she had put into the presentation and we all learnt so much. Thank you Frankie!



Our Class Treat

Last term, the children worked very hard to earn all 15 pom poms in their superstar jar! As a treat, we enjoyed hot chocolate and marshmallows while watching a movie. It was a great end to the week!



Autumn B - The Great Fire of London

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Multicultural Week

During Multicultural week, Blake class learnt about Brazil. We learnt where Brazil was in the world by using an atlas and researched famous landmarks in Brazil. We also learnt traditional samba dancing and made carnival masks. At the end of the week we made our own Brazilian salsa and tried it with some tortillas. There were mixed reviews but all of the children tried the salsa which we were very proud of!




Carnival Cart Building

As part of our DT learning about wheels and axles, Blake Class have designed, made and evaluated their own carnival carts! This year, the theme was "Our Wonderful World" and the children thought about ways they could represent this theme in their carts. Parents and carers from Blake Class were invited in to help the children with the building process and the final results are fantastic! Thank you to all grown ups who attended the session. We are so pleased with the results. 

Well done to Finley who was picked as our overall winner by representatives from the Bridgwater Carnival Committee. 



Black History Month

To celebrate Black History Month, Blake Class have been reading books about famous people from different cultures. We have discovered the lives of Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks and discussed why these people were so important. As a class, we agreed that the most important thing to do is to be kind. 



Bridgwater Carnival Workshop

On Thursday 12th October, Chris and Sue from the Bridgwater Carnival Committee came into Blake Class to do a workshop all about Bridgwater Carnival. We learnt all about the history of the carnival and looked at previous entries from the carnival clubs. We found out about the tradition of Bridgwater squibbing and Dennis got to hold a squib! We were able to try some of the costumes. Thank you to the Bridgwater Carnival Committee for a fantastic afternoon!




A Walk Around our Local Area


For our learning in Geography, we walked around our local area to identify the human and physical features of Bridgwater. We discussed the meaning of human and physical features and applied our knowledge to different parts of Bridgwater town. It was very exciting to see all of the local sights!


Practical Maths Learning

In Maths, we have been learning how to split a whole into parts. We used bananas to cut into parts that were the same and parts that were different. We were very sensible when using the knives and listened to the grown ups really well!



 Minibeast Hunt!

In Science, we have been learning about minibeasts and their habitats. We walked around the school garden to find out which minibeasts we could spot. We discussed how different minibeasts live in different habitats. 


Autumn A - Being Me in My World

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Curriculum Meeting 12.09.23 - Thank you to all of the parents and carers who attended our Blake Class Curriculum meeting. For those that could not make it, the slideshow has been attached below. 

Curriculum Meeting Powerpoint