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Northgate Primary School

Northgate Primary School

Blake Class Archive 2017/18



Welcome to Blake Class! My name is Jessica Walford and I am the class teacher. Mrs Popham works alongside me and we make up the Blake class team. 

Class Information

The children have settled in really well and have already done some fantastic things at Northgate. We will send home a weekly sharing letter to explain what we are learning. 

Please click on the links below for all the information about what the class has learnt in the Autumn and Spring Terms and will continue to learn over the Summer Term:

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Learning in Blake Class

Summer Term 

During the Summer Term, we have been learning about Inspirational Women and Our Local Area. 

Our Local Area Field Trip

On Monday 14th May, we went on a walk around Northgate and found all the amenities we saw on the map. 


First we saw the docks. There were so many lovely boats, including a few beautifully hand painted canal boats. 






We also saw a glimpse of the River Parrett. 







Although the children were more excited to spot ASDA!




In maths we have been learning all about capacity. 



The Year 1 children measured and compared the amount of cups of water different sized containers held.






The Year 2 children measured and compared the amount of millilitres different sized containers held.







We found out that the tallest container did not always hold the most water!



Making Ginger Beer

During our inspirational women topic, we learnt all about Mary Seacole. Mary Seacole was a nurse in the Crimean War and made ginger beer to help cure the soldiers. 


We had a go at making our own ginger beer just like Mary Seacole.






First, we had to blend together lemon juice and ginger.







Then we had to add some brown, muscovado sugar.






And then we had to blend it again!







Here is our finished ginger beer.









Once we had made our ginger beer, we got to taste it.











Some children liked the taste. They thought it tasted like gingerbread men! 











On the other hand, some children did not like the taste. They thought it tasted very sour!






Spring Term

During the Spring Term, we have been learning all about animals. 

Court Farm Trip

On Friday 16th March, we visited Court Farm with Explorer Class. It was a fantastic day and we got to learn about lots of different farm animals. 




We started off by visiting the cows.





We also watched the farmer milk the cows.








Then we went to visit the sheep. We were allowed to touch the sheep's fleece, it was very soft!











The farm also had a very naughty goat! 












At lunchtime we fed the baby lambs. They were very hungry!












Lavinia and Ruby feeding the lambs.










Freya and Lara feeding the lambs.












After lunch, we played in the park before heading back to school.






Bristol Dinosaur Project

We started the term with a visit from the Bristol Dinosaur Project who taught us all about different fossils. 





We saw lots of different fossils and found out about where they came from.









We also created our very own dinosaurs!





Autumn Term

During the Autumn Term, we have been learning about Australia, Carnivals and The Great Fire of London.

Carnival Carts 



During carnival week, our parents and carers came into school to help us build our own carnival carts.







We based our carnival carts on the Julia Donaldson books we have been learning about in class. 







Once we made our carnival carts, we dressed up in our homemade costumes and held our very own carnival in the school hall.