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Welcome to Drake Class. I am Miss Keitch and I am the class teacher. Working alongside me is Mrs Murdoch, who is a Higher Level Teaching Assistant. Drake Class is made up of Year 5 pupils. I will use this page on our school website to keep you updated about our learning across the year. 

If you have any questions, please do speak to a member of staff on the gate at the beginning or end of the school day, or please contact the school office. 

I am really excited about the year ahead. 

Miss Keitch

Class Information

We have some really exciting learning to look forward to across the year. Please click on the links below to find out about what we are learning during this half term. 

Drake Class Curriculum Overview Spring B Click Here

Knowledge Organiser - Were the Vikings really barbaric? Click Here

All other information about Drake Class can be found in the class newsletters below.

Drake Class Spring Newsletter Click Here

At the beginning of the term, I held a curriculum meeting to give parents and carers the opportunity to find out more about what the children will be up to in year 5. If you were unable to make the meeting, you can find all the information by clicking on the link below. 

Year 5 Curriculum Meeting Information

Learning in Drake Class

Spring Term

Drake Class Curriculum Overview Spring A Click Here

Knowledge Organiser - What lies beyond the stars? Click Here

Mindfulness Music

As part of our Creativity Week themed on Art and PSHE, the children had a mindfulness music session with Miss Gibbs. We started the session with a bit of singing and then we created some music inspired artwork. We had to listen to different pieces of music and draw the images we thought about as we were listening. There were so many different interpretations and it was lovely to share these with each other.




NSPCC Number Day

Lots of children in year 5 chose to dress up to celebrate NSPCC Number Day. We had lots of home made items of clothing with different numbers and calculations on. Lots of children also wore football kits. We were very excited to be able to create number calculations using the numbers on the backs of our football shirts. 

Investigating Air Resistance

In our science lessons, we have been investigating the force of air resistance. In small groups, we had to choose a question to investigate with a paper spinner. Some children chose to change the number of paperclips, some children change the size of the spinner arms and some chose to change the material. We used the results to draw conclusions about air resistance.



Explorer Dome

The children in Drake Class were really lucky to have a visit from the Explorer Dome team to help us learn about Earth and Space. We went for a journey through space, looking at real images and footage of different planets and starts. Also, we had a chance to stargaze where we found Orion's Belt and the North Star.



Exploring Databases

In computing, we have been learning all about databases as a way to hold and handle large amounts of information. We used databases about Space to create Top Trump cards about the planets and learnt how to search a database quickly and efficiently. Finally, we used our Top Trump cards to make a database all about the Solar System on Purple Mash.



Special Agent Dance

In dance, we worked in small groups to sequence a routine based on secret agents. We have to work together to create shapes and balances, using our partners for support. We also started to think about gestures and facial expressions that can help bring our routines to life. 




Sci-Fi Stories and Settings

In our English lessons, we have been learning about sci-fi narratives. We have been reading different examples of stories that fit this genre including TrooFriend and Cosmic. We began our learning by creating an image of setting described to us in the story Cosmic using water colour paints. The artwork we produced was amazing!





Autumn Term

Drake Class Curriculum Overview Autumn B Click Here

Knowledge Organiser - When World War One came to Britain, what happened in Bridgwater? Click Here

Cricket Sessions

We were very lucky to have Tilly from Somerset Cricket come in to run some cricket sessions with us. Unfortunately many of our sessions were impacted by rain but we still made the most of it. We practised our bowling, batting and fielding skills as well as playing some fun games. 



Christmas Card Making

In Drake Class, we invited our grown ups in to help us create some amazing Christmas cards. We all came up with original and imaginative ideas using a range of different materials to help us. There was also a lot of glitter used to add the Christmas sparkle!



Landscape Art using Charcoal

In art this term, we have been using Kerr Eby as inspiration for our own World War One landscape pictures. We spent time experimenting with blending techniques with charcoal and we also practised adding white details in different ways. We put this altogether to create our own images which were very impressive. 












In gymnastics we have been practising different shapes and balances. We thought about creative ways we could create certain shapes and we also started to use our partners to help us develop our counter balance. We also introduced the challenge of having to balance a ball within our partner balances. 




Researching Soldiers from the First World War

We have been learning all about the First World War and the impact it had on Bridgwater. As part of our learning, we visited the war memorial in King Square to record the names of soldiers who lost their lives during the war. We then used the War Graves Commission to find out more about their lives including their rank, regiment and family. We used this information to create commemoration certificates. We all loved learning about the individuals and understanding what they went through during the war. 





First Aid Workshop

We all got the chance to participate in a First Aid Workshop run by the British Red Cross. We learnt about the key actions we should take if we find someone with an injury. Also, we discussed how we can use many household items to help us if needed. 



Tag Rugby

In PE, we have been practising our tag rugby skills. We recapped how to catch a rugby ball safely and securely and we ensured we were always passing backwards. We then developed our skills of running with the ball and moving forward as a team to score a point. We then used our skills in small games against each other.




Drake Class Curriculum Overview Autumn A Click Here

Knowledge Organiser - Is America a world in one continent? Click Here

Pizza Making

Using our designs from DT as inspiration, we made pizza! We had to mix and knead the dough until it was smooth and elastic so we could shape it into our pizza dough. We left it to prove so it grew bigger which showed us the gluten was working. We chopped and grated our toppings which we then used to decorate the top of our pizzas. We enjoyed sharing our pizzas with our grown ups at our pizza party.







Local Area Walk

Year 5 went for a walk around Bridgwater to help us identify the human and physical features of our local area. Some of the features we saw we could categorize easily at it was clear if it was naturally formed or manmade. Some of the features we discussed in more detail because it was harder to identify including the Bridgwater Docks and Blake Gardens.

Carnival Art Workshop

This year, we were really lucky to take part in an art workshop to complete a batik giraffe which will be a part of the Bridgwater Carnival this year. We started by coming up with some designs which we had to draw onto big pieces of paper. Then a piece of silk was placed over the top of the design. We then used hot wax to create the outline of our designs on the silk. Once the wax had set, we used fabric dye to paint our fabric. They looked amazing at the end!










Inspired Playground Training

In Year 5, we get the chance to be playground leaders. Before we could take on this responsibility, we had to complete a day of training. We learnt a range of different games and activities that we could play on each playground marking and then we had the chance to work with other classes in school to practice our leadership skills. 






PE - Football Fun!

In PE this term, we have been practicing our football skills. We have recapped how to pass accurately using the side of our feet and how to stop the ball. We looked at tactics to defend including shielding the ball from the opposition. We enjoyed taking part in small games against each other at the end. 




Investigating Shadows

In Science, we have been learning about light and how it travels. We completed an investigation to see how the position of the light source affects the shape and size of the shadow. We recorded our observations in a table. 




Pizza Tasting

This half term, we are going to be making pizza to share with our families at our Pizza Party. Before we can design our own, we completed some research to find out about different pizza toppings and the most popular flavours. Then, we tasted a range of different pizzas so we could get some ideas about the ingredients we might want to use. 





Discovering North America

As part of our topic 'Is America world in one continent?', we used our atlas and map reading skills to find and plot the different countries and capital cities in North America. We had to use the keys to help us and then create our own on our maps to make sure others could understand how we had labelled it. We also found the oceans and seas surrounding North America.




Learning about our class name....Sir Francis Drake

During transition day, we learned all about Sir Francis Drake who was an explorer that our class is named after. We learned about his expedition to circumnavigate our world. When we returned to school in September, we applied our art skills of texture, tone and line to create a portrait of him too.