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Explorers class Archive 2017/18


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Summer term

We have started the Summer term and we are working with Westover Green school to run regular creative mornings. This involves lots of fun activities such as forest school, gardening, cooking, dance, music, colour mixing and clay modelling. Here are a few pictures to show what we do.



In forest school we used the mud kitchen to make Gruffalo cakes. Tate and Layla are waiting for their cakes to cook.






Narla, Oshea Marie and Imogen are all making wonderful creations.






Spring term

Explorer Dome

We started this term with a wonderful WOW! experience. We were visited by the Explorer dome who came to help with our learning about the world. Here are some photos.



The children started by looking at different habitats. First was the rainforest.







Next we found out about the desert and how animals survive when it is very hot or very cold! Here is a scary scorpion.






Finally we found out what it was like in the polar regions of the earth. There was a lot of dry ice to demonstrate how cold it can be!






Brodi and Phoebe got to find out what it is like to be a polar bear or a seal. They dressed up in clothes which showed how each creature has adapted to their surroundings.





 Hatching chicks



We were also lucky enough to work with Farmlink who gave us the opportunity to hatch some chicks in school.






Here Dani is using a torch to 'candle' our eggs to see if there is a chick inside.






We kept the eggs in an incubator which turns them and keeps them warm.








Here are our new arrivals. There are different breeds of chick.







We were all very sad to see our new chicks leave to go back to the farm. However they will grow up and be the mums and dads of the new chicks we will hopefully hatch next year.





Autumn term

We have learnt lots of exciting things this term. Here are some photos of the fun things we have done in class.



Tate, Joel, Tameera and Harvey are catching letter fish.







Pedro and Tate enjoy using the Promethean board. They are practising their letters. 







During our creativity week we learnt to do some traditional country dancing.







We had a visit from Farmlink who brought in Rosy the hen. She helped us to learn the story of 'The Little Red Hen.'






We also got to grind the corn. Tameera and Joel used the grinder to turn the wheat into flour. It was hard work!











Explorers class had a street party on Farmer day where we raised money for a farming charity.






We had a visit from a local fire engine and fire officers, who talked to us about how to stay safe and what to do if there is a fire at home.