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Hello there, 

My name is Miss Price and I would like to welcome you to the Franklin class page on our school website. I am the class teacher and, alongside Mrs Murdoch, our Higher Level Teaching Assistant and Miss Glassup, our Apprentice Teaching Assistant, we make up the Franklin class team.

We are the Year 6 class at Northgate School.

Class Information


Along with checking your emails daily, please keep up-to-date with your new school website, the links are below.

Chilton Trinity



Below are some resources that you can use at home to prepare you for secondary school.


Young Minds- Year 6 Transition


Be Awesome, Go Big! Year 6 Transition Activities


BBC Starting Secondary School

Robert Blake


Take a look at the below links of example lessons in Year 7

French Lesson

Spanish Lesson

Brymore Academy
Bridgwater College Academy

Haygrove School


Take a look at the below PowerPoint from your tutors at Haygrove. We have used this in class but you can re read these over the summer.

Transition Postcards- Tutors

King Alfreds


Summer B

Leavers Service:

Take a look at the amazing photographs taken during our Leavers Celebrations

Leavers Celebration Pictures

Below is a link to a picture slideshow of Franklin class. Pictures taken throughout the year. If you go to Slideshow, From Beginning, the music will play and sldies will move at their own transitioned time. 

Year 6 Picture Slideshow

Where possible, I have added the children's talent videos to create a Franklins Got Talent. Please click slideshow, From Beginning.

Franklin's Got Talent 2020 

Please rehearse our leavers song- Miley Cyrus- Wherever I Go

Leavers Song

See the Leavers Service letter below

Leavers Service Information

Spring Term B

Spring B Learning-Spring B Curriculum Overview

Living Things Knowledge Organiser- Living things and their habitats

Spring Term A

SATs Parents meeting- SATs Parents information

Spring A Learning- Spring A Curriculum Overview

Electricity Knowledge Organiser- Knowledge Organiser- Electricity

Spring A Newsletter- Franklin Newsletter- Spring


Autumn Term B

We are all very excited about our school and the children have adjusted amazingly well to the Year 6 class.

Light Knowledge Organiser- Light Knowledge Organiser

To access the Autumn term newsletter please click here Newsletter Autumn- Franklin Class

Autumn Term A

To access the curriculum overview PowerPoint (27.09.2019) please click here Curriculum Overview- 27.09.2019

To access the curriculum map for this term please click here Autumn 1 Curriculum Map- Franklin

Learning in Franklin Class

Summer Term B

Forest School

So far this term, we have made great use of our Forest School area. 

23.06.2020- Making leaf baskets.


16.06.2020- We made 'bubble wands' using rope and sticks. We formed a mixture using fairy liquid and water to dip in our wands. Using these wands to pull back with gently, they created huge bubbles! 

We also collect 5 natural objects and made a decorative resource for our area. We put these around our Forest School, they look awesome!





Spring Term B

Art and Design

Following on from our exploration of the artist Banksy, some of the children have finished their brick wall art work. We continued studying Banksy's work, looking at his work and discussing what we think they meant to us. We then chose a sketch of Banksy's that we felt most inspired by and thought of a motivational quote to suit the picture. We sketched our quote/phrase in our books using graffiti-type lettering. 

We sketched the chosen art work and then used this to make a stencil. We put the stencils onto our brick walls, along with the motivational quote. Well done Franklin, they look AMAZING!



Religious Education/ DEAR

WC 16.03.2020: With the ongoing disruptions this week, we have all tried our best to keep trying hard with our learning and with that, working collaborating in a positive manner. In R.E this week, we have continued our learning unit of Christianity.

We explored the message of 'atonement' and how Communion is symbolic to Christians. We understood that communion is carried out in remembrance of the debt paid by Jesus, which should have been paid by humanity and lead to forgiveness. In the process of this learning, we made bread that can be taken home as reminder of the communion ritual.

The class followed a method to making bread in small groups.



We cooked the bread and the following day and we shared the bread with a great conversation and a reflection over the weeks events- we had a mature discussion about the current news and all contributed appropriately. We are so proud of Franklin class, through this tricky period, we came together.



We also used this calm environment to read our DEAR class book- Cogheart.

World Book Day 05.03.2020

At Northgate, we extended the children's vocabulary and language through dressing up as a word. Each child took part in Franklin class and we had some fantastic ideas. We discussed these words in class and ensured that the children and staff were aware of what each word meant and how to apply the word. 




The children have been learning about the artist Banksy. They have started to explore the style of Banksy through looking at his art on buildings. Inspired by this, the class have started to create a brick wall to use as a background for their Banksy style stencils and messages. 






As you all know, the Year 6 pupils have been given a Math and a Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG) book. These books are their homework books, to be completed weekly. The children have been allocated a day to bring each book in, using their Guided Reading groups- they will know which group they are in.

Here is the attached timetable: Homework Timetable

Please ensure that these books are brought in on the correct days as they will be used in class time.

Please note: All books are due back on the 24.02.2020, where the children will be allocated their days and have this information explained to them.

Spring Term A

Science- Electricity

Franklin class compared and gave reasons for variations in how components function.


This term we have been focusing on our dreams and goals. We have been thinking positively about the future and influencing our friends and peers through compliments. In this session, we identified the amazing attributes of our peers. Each child then chose a friend in the class randomly, through choosing a named lollipop stick, and designed an award card, complimenting their peer on their strengths.





NSPCC Number Day 07.02.2020

Today the school took part in Number Day to raise money for the NSPCC- a charity that we believe in Franklin class, to be a really valuable service. The children dressed up as a something related to number and took part in many Mathematical activities. 







P.E- Gymnastics

Franklin class have been perfecting their jumps and leaps. They have been showing control when taking off and landing. 



The Cat Leap turn and the Tuck Jump …


Persuasive Adverts- Dragons Den

In English, Year 6 created informal persuasive adverts. The children each created an invention linked to the class topic Electricity. The children used persuasive devices to convince the readers that their invention was worth 'buying'. 

 After writing their adverts, the children performed a Dragons Den interview. Franklin class took part in being:

  • - A Dragon- where the children gave constructive feedback to their peers and calculated the costs of the investment using percentages. 
  • - The audience- where the children listened well to their peers, concentrating on ideas they would like to ‘magpie’ in their own future work.
  • - A presenter- using their fantastic speaking and listening skills to present their persuasive advert.


D.T and Topic

The class have explored the use of a Periscope, how they work and where they can be used. We designed our own Periscopes using cereal boxes!


New Years Resolutions

Franklin class have been exploring New Years resolutions in French. They have been setting each other goals using fortune tellers.

For example...

Je vais essayer de apprendre une autre langue.

I'll try to learn another language. 





Number- Decimals

The children have been recapping numbers with up to three decimal places. So far, they have exchanged decimals through adding and subtracting numbers. The class often work together to problem solve.


Autumn B

Jigsaw- PSHE

The class researched Paralympians and created a speech based on their talent. They presented the awards at an Oscar Ceremony in class. 


This Term, Year 6 have explored French foods. They have recapped the names of various foods in French and the class gave an opinion on whether they like or dislike a food.


During our second year of half term, Year 6 have been exploring Light. They have practically demonstrated how light enters our eyes. Here is a demonstration of a light source, from the left, bouncing from an object and reflecting the image into a pair of eyes.

Creativity Week

During creativity week, Year 6 explored the country Mexico. The class learnt about the festival 'The Day of the Dead'. During this time, we listened to Mexican music and made bright paper flowers and nachos!




Children in Need

On Friday 15th November, we celebrated Children in need in school. The classes supported the cause through donating money to dress up- the children came to school in their pyjamas! 


Autumn A 

Art and Science

Franklin class have been studying the evolution of peppered moths, they understand that air pollution in the Industrial Revolution caused the changes in colour and number of moths.

They conducted their own study looking at the climate peppered moths are around and using this information to camouflage them and work as a team to time each other how long it would take to find disguised moths compared to non disguised.

Afterwards, the children collected natural resources to print their sketched of peppered moths in class. 






Franklin class have been using Scratch to create a quiz on times tables 1-12. 

26.09.2019- This week, the class added sound effects and movement to their quiz. Some of the Year 4 class came to test out the quiz.



This half term we will be learning about Evolution and Inheritance in Topic. 

Wednesday 11th September- In Art this week, the children have been observing the evolving change of animal to man through pictures. They have studied the changes and stencilled the images carefully. 



Basketball and Netball

PE this term will focus on two team invasion sports; Basketball and Netball. 

Our PE lesson this week has been based around working in small groups to develop our skills as a team player. We worked competitively to become the 'leader' of the group. The leader gave clear instructions for the partners to work on and when the leader shouted 'scoop!' the pair had to challenge themselves to be the first person to collect the ball! All children worked so hard and encouraged each other positively. 



InspirED Playground

Thursday 12th September- The Year 6 children had the great privilege to receive training from InspirED playground. This means that the children in Year 6 were all trained on how to use the InspirED playground equipment. They also received training on how to become a playground leader. This involved working with each year group. Throughout the day, the children positively modelled the equipment to the other children in the school with clear, sensible instructions.

Throughout this academic year, each child in Year 6 will have the opportunity to become a playground leader during break and lunch times. 

Here are some photos that display the fantastic leadership skills the children shown.


The beginning of a good squat. Ask the children how they were told to remember how to do a good squat (hence the cheeky smiles)!



Jumping Jacks...


Guiding the other classes step by step. 

 Well done Year 6, we are looking forward to seeing your leadership and teamwork skills develop as playground leaders throughout the year.