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Welcome to Franklin Class (Year 6), 

My name is Miss Priestman and I am the class teacher. Working alongside me are my teaching assistants, Miss Champion and Mrs Howard. Together, we make up the Franklin class team.

I will be using this page on our school website to document the children's learning journey in Year 6. Enjoy looking through our class page!

Class Information

Welcome! I hope you and your families had a wonderful February half-term and managed to spend some quality time together. The children have settled in brilliantly to life in Year 6 and I am looking forward to seeing what amazing things they achieve throughout the year. We have a busy half-term coming up with World Book Day, Space Week, a Crime and Punishment Workshop, an Easter Service and an Easter Bonnet Parade! 

All information regarding life in Franklin class can be found on the class newsletter below. 

Our Spring newsletter is here.

We also have Curriculum Overviews, which map out the learning objectives for each half-term and the topics that the children will be exploring. The overview for this half-term can be found below.

Spring B - Crime and Punishment

The accompanying Knowledge Organiser for this topic is here.

At the beginning of the academic year, I held a Curriculum Meeting for parents/carers, to provide information regarding the teaching and learning that will take place in Year 6. Please find the PowerPoint presentation from this meeting below. 

Franklin Curriculum Meeting PowerPoint

Learning in Franklin Class

Spring Term

Our topic for Spring A is Biomes around the World, where the children will learn about the tundra, desert, rainforest, woodland, grassland and savannah biomes.

Spring A Curriculum Overview - Biomes around the World

Spring A Knowledge Organiser - World Biomes

The Arts Creativity Week and Children's Mental Health Week

During the last week of term, we combined our Creativity Week with Children's Mental Health Week, providing the children with the opportunity to participate in various activities designed to improve their mental health and wellbeing and doing so through the use of art, music and drama. The children visited a local art museum, took part in calming activities such as using play dough and playing chess with friends and they received a workshop based on their aspirations for the future with the Life Education service. 




NSPCC Number Day

On the 2nd February, we enjoyed raising money for the NSPCC through their annual Number Day! The children were encouraged to dress up as something mathematical and they participated in number challenges provided by the NSPCC. 


Biome in a Box

To celebrate and showcase our learning in Geography, the children created their own biome in a box! Parents and carers were invited to support the children with making their biomes and lots of fun was had by all. The Year 6 children also enjoyed sharing their biomes with the children in Year 1 and Year 2, using this as an opportunity to teach the younger ones some interesting facts about their chosen biome.




Road Safety Workshop

As part of our personal development, we had a Road Safety Workshop this half-term. The children were very knowledgeable about this topic and demonstrated a good understanding of how to stay safe when crossing roads. 



In PE with Mr Armitage, we have been moving our bodies in different ways through a variety of dances. We worked in small groups to create our own moves and performed our routines to each other. 




In Music, we are exploring how emotions can be portrayed through songs. We have listened to different genres of music and have learnt how to sing some key songs. We have also used the glockenspiels to practise playing the songs as well as improvising and composing our own short pieces. 



Science - Classification Keys

In Science, we are learning how to create our own classification keys to sort plants and animals. We worked in partners to make an A3-size classification key where we cut out and moved pictures to develop our understanding ready for our independent work. 



Real PE - Personal Cog

In PE this half-term, we are focusing on our personal skills which includes reflecting on our own ability and performances and demonstrating perseverance and resilience to continue to improve. We are developing our coordination and agility through ball games and varied partner challenges. 




Autumn Term

Our topic for Autumn B is World War II, with a particular focus on how children were impacted during this time. 

Autumn B Curriculum Overview - World War II

Autumn B Knowledge Organiser - The Second World War

Christmas Celebrations!

The children enjoyed the run-up to Christmas with a wonderful Christmas Carol Concert, Christmas Dinner and Christmas Jumper Day and a class Christmas party with games such as musical statues and musical chairs. 



Inter-House Tag Rugby Tournament

This half-term, we have been developing our speed, agility, throwing and catching skills through PE lessons with the sports coach. To celebrate our learning, we had an inter-house Tag Rugby Tournament to showcase and practise our skills in a competitive situation. 




In Art this half-term, we have been exploring atmospheric landscapes. We have developed our understanding of tint, tone and making a colour wash when painting and have considered scale and proportion in our pieces of work. 




As part of our History topic based on WWII, the Year 6 children enjoyed a WWII WOW Day. The day included the children learning about Alan Turing and participating in an Enigma Escape Room where they had to crack the cipher to win the game, enrolling for soldier bootcamp where they were tasked with getting fit for war and working together to make a vegetable soup like people may have made and eaten during war times due to rationing. 




Real PE

In REAL PE this half-term, we developed our counter-balance and social skills. We had to work with a partner to use core strength to complete a variety of counter balances such as leaning back and lifting arms in the air, holding each-other's legs whilst standing upright and for an extra challenge, we could have a go at these balances with our eyes closed!



Evacuee Experience Trip!

To kick-start our topic on the Second World War, we got dressed up as evacuees and visited the Rural Life Museum for an Evacuee Experience! The children explored what it was like to be in an air raid shelter, learnt about 'Digging for Victory', made propaganda posters and learnt about rationing through role-playing in a WWII shop. Every child thoroughly enjoyed the day and they are now ready to use their knowledge and experiences to write their own informal letters as evacuees and perform a class assembly to the rest of the school. 



Our topic for Autumn A is Journeys, which focuses on understanding the different journeys that people take or have taken around the world.

Autumn A Curriculum Overview - Journeys

Autumn A Knowledge Organiser - Darwin's Delights!

Multicultural Week Parade

On the last day of term, the whole school participated in a Multicultural Week parade to celebrate the learning that had taken place across the week. In Year 6, we learnt about Mexico and focused on Dia Del Es Muertos (The Day of the Dead) Festival which is celebrated throughout Mexico at the end of October/beginning of November. The children wore their Day of the Dead masks that they had created and they performed a song together called 'Mexican Wave.'


Inter-House Netball Tournament

On Friday 20th October, the children in Year 5 and Year 6 enjoyed participating in a competitive inter-house netball tournament. Every child contributed well to their team's effort and showcased their learning from their PE lessons with the sports coach.


Geography - Compass Directions

In Geography, the children have been developing their fieldwork skills. They have drawn maps of the school with increasing complexity for their own Orienteering courses. They then had to use the eight points of a compass to create directions for their course. 



Charter House Residential

From Monday 9th October - Friday 13th October, the children in Years 5 and Year 6 enjoyed a week at Charter House, participating in a range of adventurous outdoor activities. These included caving, gorge scrambling, rock climbing, low ropes, shelter building and pond dipping, to name but a few. It was an extremely successful week with the children overcoming fears, tackling challenges and building resilience which are skills that will support them in their learning for the rest of the year and beyond. 






PE - Netball

In PE this half-term, the children have been developing their skills in football and netball. Their hand-eye coordination has improved as well as their agility around the football pitch and netball court. The children have also increased their team working skills and tactics in competitive games. 




Black History Month Music Workshop

To celebrate Black History Month, we had a Music Workshop where we listened to and learnt about some famous black musicians from the past. We heard about their struggles on their path to fame and how they made their voices heard through the music they created. The children were very inspired by the musicians and wrote letters to the government about how everybody should have equal rights. 



Science - Rocks and Fossils Workshop

In Science this half-term, we have been learning about Evolution and Inheritance. We participated in a Rocks and Fossils Workshop where the children had the opportunity to handle different types of rock, make fossil rubbings and play rock bingo to develop their knowledge further. The children now have a better understanding of how fossils have provided evidence for evolution over time. 



Geography - Shackleton's Journey

In Geography, we used maps and atlases to track the expedition of Ernest Shackleton when he travelled to Antarctica. We looked at the countries he passed on his way and the places he stopped off. 


Whole Class Reading 

In class, we are enjoying our new-style whole class reading lessons which involve paired reading. This half-term, we are reading Darwin's Dragons by Lindsay Galvin.