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Northgate Primary School

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Welcome to Raleigh Class!

My name is Maisie Waygood and I am the class teacher. Mrs Karen Picton, our Higher Level Teaching Assistant, works alongside me and we make up the Raleigh class team.

Class information

We are really impressed with how well the children have settled in this term and we are looking forward to the exciting year ahead.

All information about the learning in Raleigh Class can be found in the links below.

Curriculum Overview- Spring B Overview

Knowledge Organiser- Rivers

Thank you to all the parents and carers who attended our curriculum meeting. If you were not able to make it or would like a reminder, please find a PowerPoint Presentation attached below.

Year 3 Curriculum Meeting

Learning in Raleigh Class

Spring A

 Curriculum Overview- Spring A-Stone Age to Iron Age

Knowledge Organiser- History-Stone Age to Iron Age


This term we transformed our classroom into a 'Prehistory Museum'. We looked at real artefacts from the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age and used these to ask and answer our topic questions. We found out about housing and how this changed over time, as well as the tools and weapons the Neolithic people used to survive. We used this knowledge to write an explanation text, "How to Survive in the Stone Age." We also had a go at creating our own cave paintings; staining materials with natural resources and using chalk underneath the tables (inside the cave). 



Artefacts Artefacts

Artefacts Artefacts

Aretfacts Timeline



This term we have been observing and classifying rocks. We carried out a number of investigations into their properties and discovered which rocks would make the best set of steps. 

Rocks Rocks

Rocks Rocks

Rocks Rocks

NSPCC Number Day

Raleigh Class had lots of fun dressing up as numbers and taking part in outdoor arithmetic games! Here are some photos of our activities.

Number Day 

Autumn B

Curriculum Overview- Autumn B-Where in the World is Bridgwater?

Knowledge Organiser- Geography-Where in the World is Bridgwater?


Raleigh Class have developed their geographical skills using maps, atlases and globes to answer their topic question, 'Where in the World is Bridgwater?' We located our town and identified its features using OS maps. We then used this information to write our own stories based upon the dangers Little Red Riding Hood would face in Bridgwater. 

Geography Geography

Maths-Multiplication and Division

This term we have been learning our 3, 4 and 8 times tables. We took our learning outside and built 'sticks triangles' in order to familiarise ourselves with the multiples of three. We've also been working on our division; using counters to represent equal groups through sharing and grouping. 

  Stick triangles   Stick triangles


Children in Need

Raleigh Class had a fun-filled pyjama day to raise money for Children in Need. We kicked off the day by cracking some Children in Need-themed codes, and even got to meet Pudsey in the afternoon!

             Children in Need


Autumn A

Curriculum OverviewAutumn A

Creativity Week

During multicultural week, Raleigh Class learned all about Italy. We found out where it is, what it is famous for and we even had a go at speaking Italian! After looking at the Leaning Tower of Pisa, we were inspired to become architects ourselves and used mini marshmallows and spaghetti sticks to create our own towers. This activity taught us the importance of teamwork, and that structures with larger spaghetti sticks do not always hold the greatest mass!

STEM challenge STEM activity

STEM activity STEM activity

We also made our own pizzas using dough, tomato purée, cheese and a range of toppings. 

Pizza  Pizza

Pizza   Pizza 


Beekeeper Visit

During the Year 3 transition day, Raleigh Class took control of their own learning by thinking about ways that they could answer their questions about our topic, plants and pollinators. They decided they wanted to find out more about bees so they wrote to a local beekeeper with their questions. Much to the children's delight, the beekeeper very kindly offered to come in and talk about it!

We had a fantastic time trying on the bee suits, learning about beekeeping, looking at the tools and even trying some honey! 

Beekeeper    Beekeeper


Bee suit   Bee suit

Bee suit


Bee garden

This term, Raleigh Class have been working hard on their Design and Technology projects. We were amazed to discover just how important the bees are and how many of them are disappearing! Inspired to save the bees, the children wrote non-chronological reports about the pollinators, and even delivered persuasive speeches to Brunel Class! The children also decided to create a bee-friendly garden in school, using their own criteria to research the best growing conditions. They found out lots of information about the best kinds of flowers, shrubs, herbs and trees to plant, and even made their own 'bee hotels' out of twigs, paper and other re-usable materials. We had great fun gardening and we are looking forward to adding to our bee-friendly garden throughout the year!

Garden       Garden

Garden   Garden





      Here is our video!

PE (Basketball and Netball)

This term Raleigh Class have really enjoyed learning the simple rules and skills of netball and basketball. We worked on the accuracy of our chest passing, bounce passing and overhead passing as well as movement with the ball. The children know when it is best to use each type of pass, and where they need to aim when they are shooting. 




We've been developing our inference skills, vocabulary choices and speaking and listening through our brilliant picture book 'The Tin Forest'. As part of this activity, the children created a conscience alley to explore the old man's thoughts and feelings.