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Blake Class Archive 2020/21



Welcome to Blake Class! My name is Miss Ridler and I am the class teacher. Mrs Woodberry works alongside me and together we make up the Blake Class team. We will be using this page throughout the year to keep you updated on our learning.

Year 1 come in to school at 8.40am using the school gate closest to the nursery. Our school day currently ends at 3.05pm.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to speak to a member of staff on the gate in the mornings or myself at the end of the day. You can also email me on ng-blake@northgateprimaryschool.org.uk

We are really looking forward to welcome your children back to school.

Please click on the links below for all the information about what we will be learning during the Summer term.

Summer Newsletter click here

Summer A Curriculum Overview click here

Summer A Knowledge Organiser click here

Learning in Blake Class

Summer Term

We can't believe that we are in our final term of year 1 already! We are enjoying our new topics 'Africa' and 'Animals' and have already completed some super learning.


We are learning about the African country Kenya this half term. We started by finding the UK and Kenya on a globe and learning about the equator. We learnt that countries closer to the equator are hotter.





This term we are learning about the religion of Judaism and we will be answering the question 'What do Jewish People believe about God?'.

We have learnt about the Jewish new year celebration 'Rosh Hashanah'. We even had a go at trying apple and honey for ourselves, practising saying 'Shana Tova' to wish each other a good new year.



Real PE

In Real PE this half term, we are looking at our 'physical' cog. We have been practising how to work well with our friends.




Spring Term

Please click on the links below for all the information about our learning during the Spring Term. 

Spring B Curriculum Overview click here

Spring B Knowledge Organiser click here

Easter Day

Blake class looked fantastic wearing their homemade Easter Bonnets to school! We all enjoyed taking part in some Easter activities during our Easter and were very pleased that we all received an Easter treat from the PTA!

Well done to Xavier and Kelsey who were the winners of the Easter Bonnet competition.

Kings and Queens

During the spring term, we learnt lots about the kings and queens of the United Kingdom. After learning that the Victoria sponge cake was named after Queen Victoria, we decided to have a go at making our own.   




Red Nose Day

To raise money for red nose day, we all got to wear red clothes to school! Thank you for all of your donations.

Science Day

During science day we learnt about the different jobs a nurse might do and all about nurses during the coronavirus pandemic. We learnt that somebody with coronavirus might loose some of their senses. We then took part in lots of senses experiments and discussed how we could design our own. We weren't too sure about taste testing - especially when we had to try lemon and celery!




World Book Day

We celebrated World Book Day when we all got back to school this year. We dressed up as some of our favourite book characters and enjoyed lots of book themed activities.

Some of us even wore the same costumes as Miss Ridler and Mrs Woodberry


We even had a special guest come to read us a very funny story!


Spring A Curriculum Overview click here

Spring A Knowledge Organiser click here

Spring term was very different to what we were expecting! Another national lockdown saw us switch to online learning which Blake Class did amazingly. Mrs Woodberry are very proud of the way the children engaged with their learning and our daily teams meetings. Have a look below at some of the super work we did during our home learning.


We created space space themed paintings and designed and created our own space creatures.




We enjoyed using the app 'quiver' to design our own planets and watch them come to life.



Forest School

We continued learning about the seasons and looked at what happened to water in winter by creating our own winter suncatchers.

STEM Challenge

Lots of us took part in Miss Waygood's STEM challenge of having to design and build a container that would protect an egg from a 2M drop.


Children's Mental Health Week

We also enjoyed lots of activities for our Wellbeing Wednesday during Children's Mental Health Week. 

Autumn Term

Please click on the links below for all the information about our learning during the Autumn Term. 

Autumn Term Newsletter click here

Autumn B Curriculum Overview click here

Autumn B Knowledge Organiser click here

Thank you to those who attended our Autumn term curriculum meeting, if you did not make the meeting the presentation can be found here


We hope you all have a lovely Christmas and we look forward to seeing you all in the new year!

The children enjoyed some great Christmas activities in the last week of school. We had our class party on Thursday where we enjoyed some party games and dancing.


We enjoyed a Christmas dinner on Wednesday.


As a school, we all worked together to create a nativity - 'A Midwife Crisis'. Blake class were sheep and shepherds. I was very proud of the children for learning their lines and their song - well done!

We have also enjoyed making lots of different Christmas crafts including cards, decorations and calendars.


Autumn Term

Autumn B - The Great Fire of London.

History - The Great Fire of London

We have enjoyed learning about The Great Fire of London this half term and have learnt lots of interesting facts about it! We started our learning by making our own timeline of the events.



Art - The Great Fire of London

We have created lots of fantastic art inspired by The Great Fire of London. We really enjoyed painting with our hands to make backgrounds for our group paintings and got very messy doing it!



We then created our foregrounds out of black card. We think the final pieces looked amazing!



Science - Materials

We have been learning all about different materials this half term. We have looked at what materials different objects are made of as well as their properties. In groups, we sorted materials based on their properties and challenged the other groups to find out how we had sorted them


We tested different materials to see which would be the best to material for making a boat to escape The Great Fire of London.




Forest School - Planting Trees

As a school, we were lucky enough to receive some trees from The Woodland Trust to plant in our forest school area. We learnt about the importance of having trees and how this will help address climate change. With the help from Barry, each class got to plant some trees which we can watch grow during our time at Northgate.



Children in Need

Thank you for your support in helping us raise money for Children in Need! We had a great day full of fun activities including a maths challenge and decorating Pudsey biscuits. Blake class raised £30 towards the school total of £150.



Autumn A - Marvellous Me!

Autumn A Curriculum Overview click here

Autumn A Knowledge Organiser click here

Maths - Place Value to 10

In maths, we have been revising our numbers to 10 and the different ways these numbers can be represented. We have used a variety of manipulatives to represent these numbers and have also learned how to show these numbers on bar models and part-whole models.





Science - Our bodies and our senses

In science, we have been learning about our bodies. We learnt the names for the different parts of our bodies and, in groups, drew around one of our friends. We then labelled as many parts of the body that we could remember.




We have also learnt about our five senses and the parts of the body these are associated with. Using our sense of sight and sense of hearing (with the help of our special hearing ears!) we went on a senses walk around the school ground to see what we could find.


We used our sense of smell to try and predict what was hidden inside different pots. We found lemon, cinnamon, mint and coffee!



 Using our sense of touch, we had to predict what items were hidden inside of the different balloons.


Over the year, we will be investigated how much we grow. We took it in turns to measure each other and record our findings.




Art - Colour Chaos

In art, we have been learning about primary and secondary colours. We looked at the artists Mondrian and Kandinsky and have practiced mixing primary colours to create the colours orange, purple and green. We created our own collages inspired by the paintings of Mondrian.


We have also taken part in the Bridgwater mask trail to celebrate what would have been carnival. The theme this year was 'thank you' so we decorated our mask in honour of all of the key workers working throughout the coronavirus pandemic.



Forest School

This half term, we have started to explore the forest school area. We have been doing some foraging and used our findings to try and make our names.


To start our learning about the seasons, we went to forest school to look for signs of Autumn. We used our findings to make autumn crowns.




RE - Special Me

In RE this half term, we have been learning about all of the different things that make us different and unique. We have been celebrating how we are all special and the people and objects that are special to us. The children in Blake class each brought in a special item to share with the class and explain why it was special to them.