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Northgate Primary School

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Religious Education


Subject Intent

By the time they leave Northgate we aim for our children to;

Understand and respect all faiths and beliefs, including those without and to be tolerant of all members of society locally and in the wider world.

The Futura intent for Religious Education is that all children develop an awareness of major world religions and world views, including their impact
on society and culture. At Northgate, we believe in the importance of developing good relationships throughout all aspects of school and everyday life. Religious Education has a crucial part to play in helping children to recognise and appreciate the contribution religion has made to how many people see the world. RE at Northgate supports the promotion of community cohesion as it plays a major role in helping children understand diversity and develop respect for the beliefs and cultures of others. Children will be able to reflect, consider, analyse, interpret and evaluate different issues which are prevalent in our society, whilst also promoting mutual respect and tolerance in line with British Values. 

At Northgate we ensure that RE promotes children’s spiritual development by allowing children to reflect on the implications of religion and belief for their own lives. We believe it is important to not only learn about religion, but also to learn from religion. Learning about religion and belief helps children to explore the nature of religion. Whilst learning from religion and belief allows them to reflect on and respond to their own experiences. 

Subject Implementation

At Futura Learning Partnership, we are independent of the local authority and not required to follow the national curriculum or the local RE syllabus. However our curriculum must reflect: ‘that religious traditions in Great Britain are in the main Christian, whilst taking account of the teachings and practices
of the other principle religious traditions present in Great Britain.’ [Education Reform Act 1988].

Our RE curriculum covers a wide range of religious beliefs including: Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Judaism. Children in Key Stage 1 study Christianity and Judaism. Children in Key Stage 2 build on their study of Christianity and Judaism in KS1 as well as studying Islam and Hinduism. Throughout both key stages children are given the opportunity to not only learn about the individual religion but are encouraged to discuss and think about the links to other religions and their own personal experiences.

The lessons are practical and involve lots of opportunities for engaging discussion. During lessons children have the opportunity to work individually as well as cooperatively and collaboratively, developing their own knowledge and expertise as well as sharing experiences with others. Children have the opportunity to handle high quality artefacts and listen to a wide range of religious stories, songs and music. Visitors and visits to a religious place may be used to enhance learning. Whole school assemblies link with key dates and religious festivals to provide children with further opportunities to recognise and celebrate cultural diversity.

Right of Withdrawal

In accordance with the Education Act 1996 and the School Standards and Framework Act 1988, parents/ carers of pupils at Northgate have the right to request that their child be excused from all or part of the RE provided. We ensure that parents who want to withdraw their children from RE are aware that RE is taught in an objective way that is relevant to all pupils and respects their own personal beliefs. These parents/ carers are also made aware of what is covered in the RE curriculum and are given opportunity to discuss this, if they wish. 


Northgate Primary School Religious Education Curriculum Overview and Progression Document