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Drake Class Archive 2018/2019



Welcome to Drake Class. I am Miss Keitch and I am the class teacher. Mrs Murdoch works alongside me as our full time teaching assistant. Drake Class is made up of Year 4 and Year 5 pupils. I will use this page on our school website to keep you updated about our learning across the year. 

Class Information

We have made a really fantastic start to our learning at Northgate. Please click on the link below to find out about what we are learning during the first half term. 

Drake Class Summer B Curriculum Overview Click Here

All other information about Drake Class can be found in the class newsletters below.

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Drake Class Newsletter Summer 2019 Click Here

Learning in Drake Class

Summer Term

Poetry Recital

Drake Class finished the year writing some amazing poems. We were inspired by 'The Lost Words', a poetry book made up of poems about words that have been taken out of the children's dictionary. We also completed some artwork to go alongside the poems. We loved reading them out to our parents and sharing our book with them. The book is going to be kept in the school library.



Looking After Us

Drake Class were lucky enough to have some visitors come in and talk to us about looking after ourselves, including our bodies and our minds. They did some lovely activities with us including planting some seeds and writing lovely comments about each other on rocks.



Avalon Nursing Home

Drake Class have all had the chance to visit Avalon Nursing Home to meet and get to know the residents. We played games with them including hook a duck and catch as well as asking them lots of questions about their own lives. It was lovely to get the opportunity to visit them and they really enjoyed having us join them for the afternoon.




Escape from a Volcano

During computing, we had the chance to code the spheros to run through an obstacle course we designed. We had to think really carefully about how to move and control the sphero and think about how to make the time quicker, maybe by taking a different route. 



Science Day

Drake Class were invited to take part in a science and maths day at Chiltern Trinity School. We had a go at a range of challenging maths problems and we built a tower using only newspaper and sellotape. Also, we have the chance to complete a range of experiments in the chemistry lab. At the end of the day, we watched a show where the scientist set fire to hydrogen. It was great fun!




May Pole Dancing

To celebrate May Day, we were lucky enough to have a visitor come in to teacher us about May pole dancing. We had to learn some tricky movements that meant we were tying the ribbons up in a lovely pattern. In the afternoon, we performed our routine to the rest of the school. 




Spring Term

Sharing Assembly

Thank you to all the parents that were able to come and watch our class assembly when we shared all we had learnt about the Vikings and Anglo Saxons. If you were not able to come, no fear, because here are some pictures of us taking part.




Anglo Saxon Settlements

As part of our topic about Invaders and Settlers, we built our very own Anglo Saxon settlements. We learnt all about village life before designing and making a template for all the pieces we would need to build our houses. We them made them out of cardboard and painted them, as well as the grounds in which they would be built. We had great fun making them!






Mini Police

The year 5 children in Drake Class have become Mini Police Officers and have started to work closely with PCSOs from the Avon and Somerset Police. We had to fill in applications and complete a group interview but we were all so good, we all got in! This meant that we all got our own mini police uniform. 


Creativity Week

During creativity week this term, Drake Class learnt about the Just So Story 'How the Leopard got its Spots'. In English, we read and acted the story before creating our own story boards. In art, we spent lots of time creating leopards in many different ways including using water colour paint and oil pastels. 





Safer Internet Day

As part of Safer Internet Day, Drake Class learnt all about the SMART rules and how to stay safe online. We made our own posters to explain to others the ways we can make sure we use the internet safely. 



Trip to the Somerset Rural Life Museum

Drake Class went to the Rural Life Museum in Glastonbury to take part in a Saxons in Somerset workshop. We learnt all about the battles between the Vikings and the Saxons that took place in the South West of England. We had to the chance to make our own Alfred's Jewels and also our own runes where we had to use a different language when writing the letters. We also had the chance to see the rest of the museum in the afternoon and see all the fascinating artefacts. 








SASP Net and Wall Festival

We went to Haygrove School to take part in a sports festival. We got the chance to take part in table tennis, tennis, volleyball and badminton. We had the opportunity to build on lots of different skills and use lots of different equipment. We are very grateful to the Haygrove leaders who gave up their time to help us. 





Viking Day

As the launch for our new topic, The Vikings, Drake Class were lucky enough to be joined by a visitor who taught us all about weapons and warfare in the Viking time. We got the chance to pretend we were in a battle and build a shield wall. We also designed our own Viking shields and make them out of cardboard as well as researching the Vikings in an Ultimate Quiz. At the end of the day, we heard the story of Beowulf retold with puppets and music. We had a great day!




Autumn Term

Minecraft Day

Drake Class were lucky enough to have InspirED come into school to work with us. First we had to design sculptures using graph paper and made blocks out of paper to help us understand how we could build these on Minecraft. We then had the chance to actually use Minecraft on the computers to make our designs. We had a great time and really enjoyed ourselves. 





The Lost Lunch Lady!

On Friday 7th December, Drake Class arrived at school to find that Mrs Powell was missing. Not only that but, their classroom was also trashed with glitter hand prints and a ransom note. 



Drake Class had to go and investigate what had happened. Having discovered that the naughtiest of the naughty elves were involved, we knew it would not be easy. We asked the teachers and staff around the school, including Mr Coath in Explorers who told us his naughty elf had gone missing and his naughty reindeer had sparkly glitter on his hooves. 


Eventually, we found Mrs Powell locked in the art cupboard, after her belongings were found spilled up the stairs. We were so outraged, we wrote newspaper articles about the incident to explain what had happened. The naughty elf was returned Explorers Class after he was found. 



Experimenting with Sound

During the second half of the autumn term, we have been learning all about sound in science. We were experimenting to see which materials sound would travel through by listening to the sounds we could hear around school. 


We also made polystyrene cup telephones. We investigated what happens if we used them with tight string and loose string. It helped us to understand that sound waves travel in straight lines. We even tested them through the doors and windows. 




Drake Class Stop Motion Movie

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our class tea party where we showed off our class movie of 'Little Red Riding Hood'. If you were unable to make it fear not because you can watch it here instead. Don't forget to look below at all the different stages of making our movie. 

Multicultural Week

During multicultural week this term, Drake Class have been learning all about New Zealand. We have been thinking about the landmarks and animals in New Zealand, as well as learning about the Maori tribe. We have been writing our own Maori myths and drawing Maori art.

We made hokey pokey biscuits which are a type of biscuit from New Zealand. We had to roll the dough in our hands and it was a rather messy job! We all got to take some home to try and some of us even took home the recipe. 



Also, we had a visitor come in to teach us how to perform dance from New Zealand. We were lucky enough to be taught two different dances, the Haka and Polynesian style dance. We had a great time learning all the different movements for each dance and it was interesting to hear the difference in the style of music too. We enjoyed having to make a serious and fierce face. Have a look below at the boys practising their expression!



Carnival Lantern Workshop

In Drake Class, we all had the opportunity to make lanterns out of willow which we will show off in the Children's Carnival Parade on Friday 2nd November 2018 (more information will be sent home about this soon). The lanterns were in the shape of a rocket to fit with the space theme at the parade this year. We had the chance to experiment with new materials including the willow and we even attached lights to the inside to make our lanterns shine. We had a really great day. Thank you to the Carnival Committee for organising it all for us. 






Stop Motion Animations

During this half term, we have been learning about animations. We are making a class animation movie of the traditional tale 'Little Red Riding Hood'. 

Creating the Scenery

We have been designing and constructing our backgrounds and props to make the scenery for our movie. We had lots of fun! Thank you to all our families at home who collected the cardboard. 






Planning and testing our characters

Once we finished our scenery, we had to choose our characters and plan our scene ready for filming. We practised moving the people around to make sure that we were telling our part of the class film properly. 



Once we had planned and practised our scene, it was time for us to film it. We had lots of time to make sure that we could do the best we could. Sometimes, it was difficult to make sure that our hands did not appear in the photos. In the end, our scenes looked really good and we are excited to edit them.