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Drake Class Archive 2021/2022




Welcome to Drake Class. I am Miss Keitch and I am the class teacher. Working alongside me is a fantastic team of teaching assistants including Miss Wood and Miss Champion. Drake Class is made up of Year 5 pupils. I will use this page on our school website to keep you updated about our learning across the year. 

I am really excited about the year ahead. 

If you have any questions, please do speak to a member of staff on the gate on arrival or please email me on ng-drake@northgateprimaryschool.org.uk.

Miss Keitch

Class Information

We have some really exciting learning to look forward to across the year. Please click on the links below to find out about what we are learning during this half term. 

Drake Class Curriculum Overview Summer B Click Here

Knowledge Organiser - Where does chocolate come from? Click Here

All other information about Drake Class can be found in the class newsletters below.

Drake Class Summer Newsletter Click Here

At the beginning of the term, I held a curriculum meeting to give parents and carers the opportunity to find out more about what the children will be up to in year 5. If you were unable to make the meeting, you can find all the information by clicking on the link below. 

Drake Class Curriculum Meeting

Camp Information

Year 5 and 6 residential to Charterhouse will take place on 4th-8th October 2021.

Click Here to read through the information we shared with at the camp meetings. 

Please email our class email address or speak to the school office if you have any other questions. 

Learning in Drake Class

Summer Term

Summer B - Where does chocolate come from?

Drake Class Curriculum Overview Summer B Click Here

Knowledge Organiser - Where does chocolate come from? Click Here

Making Chocolate

After having designed our own chocolate bars, we then had a go at making our own chocolate. We chose what ingredients we added and we enjoyed eating our creations. 


Exploring a Police Car

We had a visit from the PCSOs who brought a police car with them. We were able to explore inside the car and we were told all about the special controls. We even got to sit inside the car! We have really enjoyed this scheme this year.




Wimbleball Lake

Year 5 and 6 enjoyed a fantastic trip to Wimbleball Lake together. We tried lots of activities including kayaking and raft building. We had to work together and communicate with each other to be successful. We had such a great day and the lovely weather topped it off!




Chocolate Tasting

As part of our topic work, we designed our chocolate bars. To help us with this challenge, we completed some market research first and tasted some existing products. We enjoyed trying a range of different chocolate bars and many of us tried something we had never had before. 



Building our Longhouses

We finished building our Viking Longhouses using wood glue to stick all the pieces together. It was quite fiddly and we had to be patient while the glue dried to make sure it was strong. Some of us were able to add a roof too. We were very proud of our finished houses. 




Police Dog Visit

As part of the Mini Police scheme, we had a visit from two furry friends. Akin and Griffin were two special police dogs who came into school to show us some of the tricks they are trained to do to support the police. They were very obedient and intelligent dogs!




Jubilee Celebrations

Year 5 had a great time celebrating Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee. We created some lovely artwork, including portraits and a collaborative picture of the Queen. We also made some delicious sandwiches to enjoy at the whole school tea party! It was a wonderful day!





Cricket with a Twist

To celebrate the Platinum Jubilee, we played a fun game of cricket. However, it had a twist which meant there were four batters that all had to work together to score runs. We had a great time and Miss Keitch and Mr Armitage joined in too!


Bike Maintenance

In year 5, we had some visitors come in to teach us how to look after our bikes properly. We learnt all about the different parts of a bike and how to check if a bike is safe to ride. We also learnt how to change a tyre and check for punctures. 




Summer A - Are humans responsible for natural disasters?

Drake Class Curriculum Overview Summer A Click Here

Knowledge Organiser - Are humans responsible for natural disasters? Click Here

Sports Day

On the last day of term, Drake Class were very excited to take part in our Sports Day. We all tried our best on every activity and we encouraged our team all the way through. It was so lovely to be able to have our parents and grown ups come to watch us and Drake Class were lucky to have some grown ups join in with us too. 



Planting Wetland Plants

Drake Class really enjoyed planting the Wetland Plants as part of the developments opposite our school. We all got the chance to plant one and we were excited to explore the area too. We are looking forward to watching them grow.




Art Day

In year 5, we took part in an art day inspired by the Pop Art style. We learnt about the artist Andy Warhol and we had a go at creating some continuous line drawings. We also learnt about complementary and analogue colours to help us choose how to add colour to our images. At the end of the day, we created some amazing Pop Art of household objects using all that we had learnt. 







Fruit and Vegetable Tasting

As part of Health and Wellbeing Week, we had a visitor come in from ASDA and she let us taste a range of fruit and vegetable. Some of them we really liked but some we did not enjoy so much. It was great to get to try a range of different foods and some children had to be really brave to taste things they had never had before. 


Mini Police

During our sessions with the Mini Police, we went into town to hand out leaflets to the community about ways to keep safe. We really enjoyed taking part and we really felt like were making a difference for the local people. On the way into town, some of us saw a police van and got to sit inside too!



Learning the Recorders

In our music lessons this term, we have been learning to play the recorder. We have learnt a range of notes and we have started to put these together to play a range of tunes and songs. We have practiced a lot to make sure we are all in time and we have made amazing progress with our performances. 


Drake Class Assembly

Thank you to everyone who attended our class assembly all about the Vikings. We were all so excited to share our learning and our super song we created. The adults in Drake Class were all so proud to see every single child take part - well done everyone!



Visit to UWE and the Clifton Suspension Bridge

We had a fantastic opportunity to visit the School of Engineering at UWE University in Bristol where we learnt more about the role of an engineer. We were given a challenge to design something to solve a problem but we had to think about the materials we were using and if it was sustainable. We used Minecraft to create our idea and the winning team created a river filtering system. 

After, we visited the Clifton Suspension Bridge where we learnt all about how it made and how the bridge actually works. We also got to walk across it and we spotted some of the differences in the two pillars either side. We had a great day learning all about engineering.






Spring Term

Spring B - Were the Vikings really barbaric?

Drake Class Curriculum Overview Spring B Click Here

Knowledge Organiser - Were the Vikings really barbaric? Click Here

PE - Kabadi 

In PE, we have been developing our tactics of attacking and defending through playing a game called Kabadi. We have had to think carefully about how to achieve the goal of taking the other teams tags while also keeping our own safe. It has been a very fun game to learn and play. 


Sawing wood for our Longhouses

In DT, we learnt how to use a saw safely to cut up our pieces of wood that are needed to build our longhouses. We all did really well and worked together in our pairs to make sure we were being careful and sensible. 



Learning about Mezuzahs

In RE, we have been learning about Judaism. We learnt about a special object called a Mezuzah which goes next to the front door of the home. Inside there is a special message to remind them about their faith and God. We made and decorated our own Mezuzahs and they looked amazing. 



Forest School

In Forest School this term, we have been den building. We had to work together well to be successful. We had to use a range of tools including mallets to build our shelters. We all had a great time learning outdoors.



Programming a Magic Cat

In Computing, we have been developing our understanding of programming with variables. We have created a magic cat who can solve calculations for us. We started with an adding cat and then adapted the coding to be able to include other operations too. 


Making Viking Music

We had a special visitor come in to work with us to create some Viking themed music. We learnt a well known song and adapted the lyrics to show off our knowledge of the Vikings. We then sang the song in two parts and with a harmony. Finally, we added in some instruments to accompany our singing. We are excited to perform the song to the school in our class assembly. 



Investigating Water Resistance

In science, as part of our forces topic, we investigated how the shape of an object impacts the amount of water resistance acting on it. We shaped pieces of blue tac to test which shapes had the most water resistance. We learnt that the shapes with larger surface area had more water resistance acting and water resistance reduced as we made the shape more streamline. 


Building Viking Longhouses

In year 5, we are building our own mini Viking longhouses. To be successful, we needed to measure out the pieces of wood we needed with precision and accuracy. We worked together in pairs to make sure we were being careful and had to follow the instructions about the lengths we needed carefully. 




Well done Drake Class!

Year 5 have managed to fill their superstar jar again by earning all their pom poms. They chose to have a 'fakeaway' for their treat and enjoyed some chicken nuggets and chips. Keep up the good work, Drake Class! 


Problem Solving Superstars

In maths, we have been practicing the key problem solving skill of working systematically. We had to follow the clues to work out where on the clock the numbers were. We had to read each clue carefully and work systematically through them so that we did not miss any of the solutions. 



Super Spinners

In science, we tested air resistance by making and adapting paper spinners. We made changes to the spinner such as adding paperclips or changing the size of the arms. We investigated whether this changed the time it took to fall to fall and then made conclusions about whether the changes impacted the air resistance that was acting. 




Year 5 had an amazing trip to KidZania in London. We had the opportunity to try a range of different careers including working for the fire service, the ambulance service and even a Pokemon animator. We really enjoyed all the different activities we could try. At the end of the day, we had a bus tour of London seeing lots of the sights.




Skipping Workshop

We had a special visit from Dan the Skipping Man. He taught us how to complete lots of tricks with the skipping rope on our own and when working with others. We have now taken lots of these skill and practice them on the playgrounds at lunchtime. We even include skipping in our playground leading now too. 



World Book Day

In year 5, we love engaging in a range of books and we wanted to celebrate World Book Day in style. We dressed up in a range of costumes to represent some of our favourite books. The grown ups even decorated out classroom for the special day. 

Spring A - What lies beyond the stars?

Drake Class Curriculum Overview Spring A Click Here

Knowledge Organiser - What lies beyond the stars? Click Here

Tumbling Toast

As part of STEM week, we investigated Murphey's Law and tested toast really does always land buttered side down. Unfortunately, we did discover that most of the time it does and therefore leaves a bigger mess. We are really hoping to investigate more into this to see if the size or shape of the toast makes a difference too. 



Explorer Dome

Year 5 were very lucky to get a visit from the Explorer Dome. We watched a brilliant show all about Space. We learnt a lot about all the different planets and stars in the universe. We learnt how to spot some famous constellations in the night sky. It was an amazing experience and everyone had lots of fun. 



A Sticky Problem

As part of STEM week, we made and tested different recipes for glue. We investigated how strong each glue was, how waterproof they were and if any of the glues would stain. During the experiment, we also learnt how important it was to read the instructions carefully to make sure the glues were made properly. 



The Moon's Phases

In science, we have been learning all about Earth and Space. We learnt about the movement of the moon and how that creates the different shapes that we see from Earth. We create the different phases using biscuits to help us remember the different shapes. 



Garageband - Composing Music

Earlier in the term, we used instruments to compose a piece of sci-fi themed music. We then had a go at using technology to compose too. We used an app called Garageband to try to recreate our compositions. We enjoyed experimenting with the different loops and instruments. 



Fantastic Fingerprints

As part of STEM week, we investigated our fingerprints. We used flour, sellotape and black card to take our own fingerprints and used these to work out what shape our fingerprints are. We also thought about the importance of fingerprints and how they are used. We discussed whether fingerprints should be used as records at school too. 



Maze Adventure

In maths, we completed a problem solving task involving mazes. We had to create a maze and then work out the quickest route out of the maze. Once we thought we found the quickest route, we had to think about the most efficient way of giving someone else the instructions to follow that route. We enjoyed the challenge!





In PE, we have been learning about playing basketball. We have been thinking about how to move with the ball quickly, how to get away from defenders and some of the fouls in basketball. We applied all our skills to playing small team games. 




Solar System Models

In DT, we have designed and created our own models of the Solar System. We had to design them to a specification that wanted a model that was educational and also colourful. We used paper mache, balloons, ping pong balls and lots more to help build our wonderful models.





Safer Internet Day

On Safer Internet Day, we discussed the importance of staying safe online, particularly when playing games. We talked about things we could do if we are worried about anything we see online too. We wrote recipes for a healthy online relationship with our friends. We realized lots of the qualities of a good online friend are the same as a good offline friend. 



Composing Music

In Music, we have been listening to and learning about sci-fi film music composed by John Williams. We then used instruments in groups to create our own piece of music that told a story relating to space. We thought carefully about the sounds we could make using each instrument.




NSPCC Number Day

To celebrate NSPCC Number Day, we carried out a problem solving challenge to help Buddy unlock his space ship. We had to practice lots of our mathematical skills and work well together to complete all the challenges and find all the missing pieces of the key. As a class, we managed to complete the mission!



DT Market Research

As part of our DT project that involves creating a Solar System model, we conducted market research to help us to find out what our target market thought of our designs. We wrote short surveys to ask our peers and used their feedback to edit our designs. 




In PE, we have been doing lots of gymnastics. We worked with our partners to create counter balances and create routines that included moving in unison and mirroring each other. Our sequences were fantastic and we worked well as a team. 




Art Mural

Year 5 have worked with Miss Ridler to help create our wonderful art mural on the wall in the stair well. We helped to paint the continents and then we designed and added our own hot air balloons. Be sure to look out for it when you come to Northgate. 


Autumn Term

Autumn B - Is America a world in one continent?

Drake Class Curriculum Overview Autumn B Click Here

Knowledge Organiser - Is America a world in one continent? Click Here

Printing Lino Blocks

After we carved out our designs onto lino, we printed them on to paper. We used rollers to apply the printing ink onto the block and then pressed it on to the paper. We printed our designs 4 times to create a complete piece of artwork. They all looked amazing!




Bridgwater Walk

Year 5 took a walk around Bridgwater to find the physical and human geographical features in our local area. We were then able to use this information to compare our local town to a region of the USA, New York City. We noticed many similarities and differences through completing our fieldwork. 



Watercolour Painting

In art, we had the chance to experiment with watercolours. We tried to create different tones of the same colour through adding different amounts of paint and water. We also experimented with different size and shape brushes as well as putting the water on first and paint over the top. 




Dance Lessons in PE

In PE we have also been doing some dance. Lots of us used some of the moves we were taught in the jive and applied it to our own dance routines. We also tried to include lots of partner work including counter balances with each other. We created some fantastic dance sequences and many of us performed them brilliantly. 



Street Cricket

We were very lucky to be able to take part in a Street Cricket taster session. We practiced lots of different cricket skills through fun games. At the end we played a match and we even competed against the teachers. It was great fun!



Dancing the Jive

When the dance teacher visited Northgate, the year 5 children were taught the jive. We quickly discovered that it was a very quick dance with lots of kicks and flicks. We even had a lift in our dance to do with our partners. We had a great time and put on a great performance for Mrs Penny and Mrs Powell. 


Practising Carving

In art, we have been using special tools and lino to carve a range of different designs. We had a chance to try out the tools and experiment with the different shapes and lines we could make in the lino. We worked in pairs to make sure that we were always using the tools safely too. 




In PE, we have been practicing our reaction skills and our balls skills which we applied to a game called endball. We were able to recognise how important it is to practise our co-ordination skills regularly. The game was really fun and we all really enjoyed taking part. 




Scratch Animations

We used all the knowledge we had gained from Scratch to program our own animations. We had to include a modern day person counting to 10 and a Roman person counting to 10 in Roman numerals. We had to use a variable in our coding to help us create the animation. 



Tag Rugby

In PE, we have been playing tag rugby. We have been practicing passing the ball backwards, moving with the ball and tactics for attacking and defending. We played some small competitive games against each other too which we really enjoyed. 




Modroc Sculptures

We were able to finish our Modroc sculptures by adding the Modroc around the wire. We had to get the small pieces of Modroc wet and then wrap it carefully around the wire. We had to make sure all the structure was covered and smooth it out with our fingers. 



Team Building Day

In year 5, we took part in a team building day. We took part in many different activities that focused on qualities of good team work such as communication and listening. We really enjoyed the activities including building a hoop hut, tower building and the escape room. Throughout the day, we all really improved our team work skills too. 





STEM Learning

We had a visitor from Willmott Dixon come in and work with us on some exciting STEM activities. We had to build a structure using straws and connectors thinking about what was the best way to build it. There were some amazing creations including some that looked like London town houses. The teachers even came around to see if the buildings would survive earthquakes. We had great fun. 



Autumn A - When World War One came to Britain, what happened in Bridgwater?

Drake Class Curriculum Overview Autumn A Click Here

Knowledge Organiser - When World War One came to Britain, what happened in Bridgwater? Click Here

Creativity Week - Cooking Naan Bread

We all got the chance to make some delicious naan bread during Creativity Week. We had to kneed the dough and roll it out thinly using a rolling pin. With help from Miss Champion, we then cooked it. We watched the air bubbles form as it cooked slowly. 



Creativity Week - Peacock Headdresses

We learned about the importance of the peacock to Indian culture and tradition. We used the colours and patterns of peacock feathers to create some beautiful headdresses that we were able to wear to perform our wonderful dance. 



Creativity Week - Indian Dance

We are very lucky to have such a talented teaching assistant in Miss Wood because she was able to put together an amazing Bollywood style dance to teach us to perform. We had a great time learning all the dance moves and we put on a fantastic performance during our school parade. 




Creativity Week - Indian Animal Sketches

During our research, we discovered many animals that are native too or live in areas of India. We applied our sketching skills, focusing particularly on adding tone and shading, to create images of Indian animals. We did a fantastic job! 



Creativity Week - India Research

We practiced our researching skills to find out all about India. We discovered lots of facts about the physical features in India, the famous landmarks, Indian animals and Indian food. We were really interested to learn all about their culture and traditions. 



War Memorial Visit

As part of our topic, we visited the War Memorial in Bridgwater to help us understand the importance of remembrance and commemoration. We also recorded some of the names of the soldiers so we can research their war story afterwards. 



Joseph Coelho Assembly

Year 5 were lucky enough to take part in a virtual assembly from Joseph Coelho who is a children's author and poet. He gave us some amazing tips on how to begin writing a story or a poem. We really enjoyed hearing him speak. 

Charterhouse Residential

Year 5 and 6 had a fantastic time together on camp at Charterhouse. We took part in lots of different activities including team building, night walking, caving and gorge walking. We have to persevere, step out of our comfort zones and support each other to achieve success. Well done everyone! 





Pom Pom Success!

Drake Class have been able to fill their Super Star Jar with enough pom poms to earn themselves a special treat. All the adults in the class are so proud of their amazing start to year 5 and we hope they all enjoyed their pizza!


Football Fun in PE

In PE, we have been developing our football skills including passing and moving with the ball in a controlled way. We had a go at playing a small game of football in teams. We had to organize ourselves so there was attackers and defenders, and we had to think tactically when we were playing.  



Coding on Scratch

In Computing, we have started to use variables in our coding. We have used them to make a sprite that is able to count and we experimented with how we could adapt the coding to help us learn our times tables. We also used the repeat coding block to help us with the animations. 


Leadership Training 

In year 5, we have been trained as playground leaders. This means we have learnt new and creative games to teach to the younger children in school at lunchtimes. We practiced leading with all the classes and we enjoyed practicing our teamwork and communication skills. 



Learning about Artists - Alberto Giacometti

In Drake Class this term, we are going to be creating sculptures which will be inspired by the famous artist, Alberto Giacometti. This week, we started by learning all about him, his life and his artwork. We created our own artist profiles about him using images of his pieces and writing facts about him.