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Drake Class Archive 2022/23



Welcome to Drake Class. I am Miss Berry and I am the class teacher. Working alongside me is a fantastic team of teaching assistants including Mrs Murdoch and Mrs Howard. Drake Class is made up of Year 5 pupils. I will use this page on our school website to keep you updated about our learning across the year. 

I am really excited about the year ahead. 

If you have any questions, please do speak to a member of staff on the gate on arrival.

Miss Berry

Class Information

We have some really exciting learning to look forward to across the year. Please click on the links below to find out about what we are learning during this half term. 

Drake Class Curriculum Overview Summer B Click Here

Knowledge Organiser - Where does chocolate come from? Click Here

All other information about Drake Class can be found in the class newsletters below.

Drake Class Summer Newsletter Click Here

At the beginning of the term, I held a curriculum meeting to give parents and carers the opportunity to find out more about what the children will be up to in year 5. If you were unable to make the meeting, you can find all the information by clicking on the link below. 

Drake Class Curriculum Meeting

Summer Term B

Wimbleball Lake

Year 5 and 6 enjoyed a wonderful trip to Wimbleball Lake. We tried lots of activities including kayaking, high ropes and archery. We had a great day with lovely weather. 


As part of our topic work, we designed our chocolate bars. To help us with this challenge, we completed some market research first and tasted some existing products. We enjoyed trying a range of different chocolate bars and many of us tried something we had never had before. After having designed our own chocolate bars, we then had a go at making our own chocolate. We chose what ingredients we added and we enjoyed eating our creations. 


In Science this term we have been learning about changes to materials. We completed an experiment about how materials change when they are burnt. This helped us figure out if the materials were reversible of irreversible. 


Mini Police

The children participating in Mini Police this term had the opportunity to monitor the speed of cars in Bridgwater. They then discussed ideas that couple help with speeding on the roads. 

Learning in Drake Class 

Summer Term A

Drake Class Curriculum Overview Summer A Click Here

Knowledge Organiser - Are humans responsible for natural disasters? Click Here

Health and Wellbeing Week

The last week of term was Health and Wellbeing week. The children took part in a range of activities that helped them learn how to look after their health and wellbeing. The activities were kickboxing, healthy food workshop and a football session ran by Bridgwater United. Great fun was had by all. 

Science- Materials 

This term in Science Drake Class have  been learning all about different materials and investigating the properties of them. Some of the experiments have included learning which materials are soluble and insoluble as well as forming new materials to see if they are reversible or irreversible. Our favourite experiment was observing the reaction between lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda and vinegar and bicarbonate of soda.


RE- Islam 

For RE this term we have been learning about the religion of Islam. We learnt all about the 5 Pillars and why they are important to Muslims. The children created presentations with information all it. They did an amazing job! 


Coronation Crafts Workshop

To celebrate King Charles III coronation we had a craft workshop to create the King Edward Crown and concertinas. We then presented in our parade on the Friday.




Spring Term B

Drake Class Curriculum Overview Spring B Click Here

Knowledge Organiser - Were the Vikings really barbaric? Click Here

UWE Trip

We had a fantastic opportunity to visit the School of Engineering at UWE University in Bristol where we learnt more about the role of an engineer. We were given a challenge to design something to solve a problem but we had to think about the materials we were using and if it was sustainable. We used Minecraft to create our idea. 

After, we visited the Clifton Suspension Bridge where we learnt all about how it made and how the bridge actually works. We also got to walk across it and we spotted some of the differences in the two pillars either side. We had a great day learning all about engineering.



Drake Class took part in a Bike Maintenance session this week. They learnt how to complete lots of general bike maintenance checks which included how to change a tire. The children also learnt the different parts of a bike, what they do and how they might go wrong. This was so they could learn how the make their bike road safe. A great time was had by all!


 Science Fair

 The theme this year for British Science week was ‘Connections’, each class were also given an extra task of sending secret messages. Using our science topic of Forces Drake created parachutes. The aim was to create the most accurate parachute and be able to explain the forces that were used.


Programming a Magic Cat

In Computing, we have been developing our understanding of programming with variables. We have created a magic cat who can solve calculations for us. We started with an adding cat and then adapted the coding to be able to include other operations too. 


Drake Class Assembly

Thank you to everyone who attended our class assembly all about the Vikings. We were all so excited to share our learning and our super song. The adults in Drake Class were all so proud to see every single child take part - well done everyone!

Spring Term A 

Drake Class Curriculum Overview Spring A Click Here

Knowledge Organiser - What lies beyond the stars? Click Here

Creativity Week- The Tudors

We had a Tudor themed creativity week and the children had lots of fun learning and creating things all about the Tudors. The children loved the Tudor workshop as they got to great tableaux of famous Tudor icons. 




Design and Technology

In Design and Technology we have been creating our own Solar Systems using paper mache. 



In Science we have been learning all about Earth and Space. We have learnt all about the Planets, how day and night is happens as well as the seasons. We also looked at how the moon phrases are caused and we did this by using oreos to represent it. 



In English we have been creating our own Sci-Fi stories and diary entries. We have had great time using drama and hot seating to help develop our characters. 

Autumn Term B

Drake Class Curriculum Overview Autumn B Click Here

Knowledge Organiser - Is America a world in one continent? Click Here

All other information about Drake Class can be found in the class newsletters below.

Drake Class Autumn Newsletter Click Here


In Geography we have been learning all about the USA. We researched some of the human and physical features in the USA and then did a comparison between New York and Bridgwater. We went on a walk around Bridgwater to help with our comparison.



In computing we have been learning all about the weather of the USA. We first researched the weather of Alaska, New York and Florida and then created a map for our weather forecast. After that we wrote our weather forecast scripts. 


 Mini Police

The children have been having visits from the local police. They have been learning all about what they do as well as doing activities to help the community. The children went litter picking and then created a piece of art with the litter. 


Autumn Term A

Drake Class Curriculum Overview Autumn A Click Here

Knowledge Organiser - When World War One came to Britain, what happened in BridgwaterClick Here



In English our lessons this half term have been based around World War One. We have created newspaper reports about the Assasination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and had a go at performing poems that were written in World War One. We also wrote our own poems based on World War One. 




In computing this term we have been creating an animation in which a modern day person and a historical person were counting up to 10 in roman numerals. We have had a great time creating our master pieces!




In art this term we have been creating Modroc sculptures based on the book War Horse. We first had to create wire sculptures and then add Modroc to create the final sculpture. Great fun was had by all including the parents that came in join us when we were adding Modroc!







In history this term we have been learning all about World War One. We have learnt about the causes of World War One as well as what life was like in trenches for the soliders. We also went to visit the War Memorial in Bridgwater which commerates the soliders from both World Wars. When we returned we researched a solider from Bridgwater that fought in World War One to found our more about them.