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Explorers 2020-21 Archive


Hello there.

My name is Richard Coath and I would like to welcome you to the Explorers class page on our website. I am the class teacher and, alongside Mrs Tina Priestman our Higher Level Teaching Assistant, Mrs Becky Symons and Mrs Zoe Popham, we make up the Explorers class team. 

We are a Reception class and we love learning.

 Class information

We are very excited about our school and the children have settled in amazingly well. All the information about life in Explorers class can be found on the class newsletters below. 

Our Summer newsletter is here        

We also have a curriculum overview to explain our learning goals this term. 

Summer B  can be found here

We also have a Knowledge Organiser which explains what our learning will be over the next term. This can be found below. Please feel free to share this with your child. 

Summer B Knowledge organiser 


Summer term

It has been a full term again with lots of learning going on. The children have been amazing and we have been lucky to finish with some fun activities.

Court Farm

We were lucky to be able to finish the year with a fantastic trip to Court Farm. The children were able to learn all about the different animals on the farm and they were able to get up close to them which they really enjoyed. They then finished the day with a tractor ride around the farm and a play on the fort and pirate ship. The children were amazing and so well behaved. We really had a great day.

We met the four Shetland ponies Shelly, Kelly, Misty and Shandy.
We saw the sheep on the farm but they were in the shade because they were hot too.
This is Ollie the big Billy goat. He was very friendly and wanted to come out to see everyone.
We met Jodie the cow and watched her being milked. We found out that she eats cornflakes and peas just like we do.

Circus skills

We had a visit from Circus Sensible who taught us a number of circus skills. They demonstrated how we could use the equipment and then all of the children had a go. We were particularly impressed with the way they balanced on the wire as well as their juggling skills. Everybody who took part had a fantastic time.

First we were shown how to balance a plate.
We practised and some people did really well. They very quickly got the hang of it.
Lots of people were very brave and tried to walk across the tightrope

Next we went indoors and tried some different skills in the hall. These included  stick juggling, balancing a feather, dancing with a ribbon and finally juggling with handkerchiefs. This was all great fun.






Well done everyone. You are all circus superstars.


Spring term

Spring term has been affected by lockdown but we have continued with our learning.


Although things were disrupted, we were still able to celebrate Easter. We made some lovely Easter nests, had egg and spoon races and also took part in an Easter bonnet parade. It was great to enjoy these activities with everyone back in time for school. 

For Easter we made nests using shredded wheat and chocolate. We had great fun mixing and spooning out the mixture.

We loved egg and spoon races.

The children all enjoyed the Easter parade. They made some lovely bonnets.

Well done Explorers class on you lovely bonnets.

End of Autumn attendance

At the end of the term we had our final celebration assembly. We celebrated all of the children who have excellent attendance. Explorers class are really proud of our winning attendees.

Well done to everyone who received a certificate and a 100% attendance pencil.

Christmas and our Nativity

Christmas was very different at school this year. Our nativity was a whole school affair and we had a great time learning the words to our song and practising our angel dancing. Here is a picture from our performance

We made party hats and enjoyed pulling crackers around our tables.

Christmas dinner was delicious.

 We also had our Christmas lunch together in our bubble.  

We finished off our day with our Christmas party. We played games and had fun dancing to Christmassy tunes.

Musical statues was very tricky. It took a long time to find a winner.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Bear Hunt

We have been reading stories all about bears this half term. We finished off by reading 'We're going on a bear hunt'. We also used this as part of our school enterprise this year and we raised money to go towards an end of year activity. The children really enjoyed themselves as we searched all over school (remaining in our bubble) to find clues to a well known bear. 

We started of on our bear hunt going through swishy, swashy grass.

We found the clues which were letters. We worked with a friend and wrote down all the letters we found.

After splashing through the puddles on the playground, we went into the deep, not so dark, woods. 

We ended up finding a swirling, whirling bubble storm.

Everybody had a great time catching bubbles.

Children in need

To celebrate Children in need we wore yellow to school. We also decorated Pudsey biscuits.

We set out a number of Pudsey related activities. We all had a biscuit and we decorated it.

We put different coloured icing on to our biscuits. They were very colourful. 

Liv painted a beautiful Pudsey using cotton buds and paints.

Outdoor learning

We started Term 2 by learning about Autumn. We went in to our forest school are and talked about the changes we could see. We noticed the leaves had fallen from the trees and that it was definitely colder. We enjoyed finding different coloured leaves.

We looked around at the trees and noticed things were different.

We collected lots of leaves to see how many different colours we could find. We talked about how they changed from green to brown, yellow and even red.

We had fun finding out about Autumn.

New parents reading and maths information


Thank you to the parents who attended our meeting on Tuesday 29th September. I hope you found the information useful. I have attached the power point we used below so if you would like to catch up, please have a look through it.

Reading and Maths in Explorers 

Multi-cultural week- United Kingdom

We have learnt about the UK for our multicultural week. We have looked at the countries that make up the UK and we also talked about the Queen. 

After talking about the Queen, we dressed up as a member of the Royal family. Some children were princes and princesses whilst others were kings and queens.

To celebrate we also had a tea party like the Queen does. We all made a sandwich. Everybody was very careful. We used hand gel and only touched our own knife bread and butter/jam.

We finished the week by having our tea party. Some of the children wore crowns they had made or waved Union Jacks that they had coloured. We had a lovely time.

Learning in Explorers

Please find below some pictures of the children learning in Explorers class. 

We have also been learning about people who help us. Here the girls are pretending to be firefighters using the 'hose' to put out the fire.

Harley makes a splendid doctor here whilst Kyran is looking after the baby.

In P.E at the moment, we are learning about ball skills. We have practised rolling and kicking the ball.

We also learnt how to use our feet to control the ball and also how we keep it close to the inside of the foot.

We also played some games using the balls and the cones. We rolled the ball to see if we could hit the cone.


Autumn A  curriculum overview can be found here

Autumn A knowledge organiser can be found here

Autumn B Knowledge organiser 

Spring newsletter is here   

Spring B  can be found here

Spring B Knowledge organiser