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Hello there.

My name is Richard Coath and I would like to welcome you to the Explorers class page on our website. I am the class teacher and, alongside Mrs Tina Priestman our Higher Level Teaching Assistant, Miss Chloe Turner our other Teaching Assistant and Miss Angel Lewis our Early Years Apprentice, we make up the Explorers class team. 

We are a Reception class and we love learning.

 Class information

We are very excited about our school and the children have settled in amazingly well. All the information about life in Explorers class can be found on the class newsletters below. 

Our Spring newsletter is here.    

We also have a curriculum overview to explain our learning goals this term. 

Spring B can be found here

We also have a Knowledge Organiser which explains what our learning will be over the next term. This can be found below. Please feel free to share this with your child. 

Spring B Knowledge Organiser

Spring term


Health and wellbeing week: Movement inspired by music

As part of our Health and Wellbeing creativity week, we were very lucky to spend time with Miss Gibbs to do some movement to music. We listened to different pieces from 'Carnival of the animals' by Saint-Saens and moved like the animals. It was great fun and very relaxing.

Health and wellbeing week: Life Education

During our Health and wellbeing week we had a visit from the Life Education who talked about about 'Bouncing Back'. The children learnt all about the skill of resilience and that you don't give up. They met 'Harold' the giraffe who told them that we don't say we can't do something, we say we can't do it yet which is a very valuable learning lesson.

 NSPCC Number Day

 On NSPCC Number Day we enjoyed all things mathematics related. We played with some Number Blocks toys which Alex brought in and did lots of mathematics activities including using the Smartboard to play maths games and building shape pictures with the magnetic shapes.. There were lots of fantastic costumes which we really loved seeing. Here are some pictures of our day.

 Explorer Dome

 We had a visit from the Explorer Dome and we followed up our learning on 'Our  Special World'. It was fantastic to go inside the dome and see all the different habitats. Please see some photos of our visit below.


Autumn term

Jolly Christmas Postman Hunt

On Thursday 7th December, Explorers class undertook their sponsored Jolly Christmas Postman Hunt. Due to the awful weather conditions we stayed indoors but that did not spoil the fun. the children worked hard to find lots of clues from the characters in the story. We then tried to work out which character the clues led to. Eventually we found a big surprise in Santas Grotto. The children had a great time and we raised over £500. We would like to say a huge thank you to all the parents, family and carers who gave so generously. The money will be put towards some exciting activities for the children in Explorers across the year. 


On Children in Need day we came to school wearing our pyjamas. We did lots of activities around supporting Pudsey bear and how important it is to help other people who are less fortunate than ourselves. 

Police visit

We were very lucky to have a visit from PC Hurst who came in to tell Explorers class all about being a Police officer. He answered questions from the children and then we all went out to see the Police car he had brought with him. Everyone had a chance to sit in the seats and also listen to the sirens and see the light. They were very loud!

PC Hurst talked to us about his job. Then we asked questions about his job. We were able to see what it was like in the Police car.
We also found out what some of the buttons did but we didn't press any. We also saw the specialist equipment in the boot for dealing with emergencies.

 Looking after our teeth

Anne-Marie came in today to talk to us today about how we care for our teeth. She showed us how many teeth we should have and what can happen if we don't look after them. We found out there is the same amount of sugar in a packet of Skittles as in 15 sugar cubes! We then found out about how to look after our teeth and why going to the dentist is really important. Here are some pictures of her visit.

We found out that we have 20 teeth while adults have 32. Anne-Marie showed us how to carefully brush our teeth and that it should be for at least 2 minutes.
We found out that we should brush in small circles and that we should not swill our mouth after we have finished. We also found out that we should brush at least twice a day and that, if we use mouth wash, we should leave it 30 minutes after we have finished brushing.



We were very lucky to have a visit from the RSPCA at West Hatch who came to talk to us about looking after our pets during the time of year where we might have lots of fireworks. Alex and Fi came and talked to us about how we can protect our animal friends and then we made some amazing noise free fireworks. Everyone had a fantastic time and Explorers class listened and behaved amazingly well.

Alex talked about what kind of pets people have at home. We then drew a picture of what things we could do to protect our pets when fireworks were going off.
Next we made our own fireworks using conkers, tissue paper and bands. Finally we went out and had our own firework display.


The start of the year

We are really pleased with how the children have settled into Explorers class and they have already started to learn. We have created some lovely art based on the book 'In Our Hands' by Lucy Farfort and we have made a display to show our rainbows and leaves. 

We have also been enjoying P.E with Mr Armitage who has been teaching us the traffic light game.

 Previous Information

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