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Northgate Primary School

Northgate Primary School

Explorers class Archive 2018/19

 Learning in Explorers class

Summer Term

Maypole Dancing

We were very lucky to have a visit from Lucy who taught us how to Maypole dance. We found out all about how to move with the ribbons and how to make them move like wiggly worms.


Lucy taught us how to skip in time to the music. We moved in and out. Skipping backwards is very tricky!


We took the ribbons from the maypole and processed in and out. 


We  took it in turns according to the colour they were holding.


To finish off our dance we all shook our ribbons to look like 'wiggly worms.'

Everyone really enjoyed the experience.



Spring Term

Little Red Hen

We had a visit from Farmlink, which is a charity that talks to children about where our food comes from and how farming works. We listened to the story of the Little Red Hen and we found out about growing wheat, grinding corn and what we can make with flour. Please have a look at some photos below.



The Little Red Hen came in to visit. Her home is Lye Cross farm.




We talked about wheat and we looked at 'ears' of corn. Then we looked at the grains of wheat. Here Riley is looking closely at the grains. 



Everybody then had a chance to plant some wheat seeds in soil. We knew that, to grow, our wheat would need water and sunshine.


The Little Red Hen took her wheat to a windmill but we couldn't do that. Instead we used a coffe grinder to see what happens when you grind wheat. Here Daniel and Sophia-Jane have a go.


We talked about the flour that grinding the wheat produced and using it to make bread. Our visitor had been so well behaved that she deserved a treat. We all gave her a piece of bread to eat.



Court Farm

We have been learning about our environment and the world around us. We talked about animals that live on farms and what they do for us. We then went on a visit to Court Farm. It is a working farm and the children got to meet sheep and lambs, goats, cows, some Shetland ponies and even a red deer and alpaca. Farmer Edd showed us around and explained all about the way the farm works. We then had time to enjoy the play area. It was a fantastic day and everyone enjoyed the experience. Please see some photos below. 


Here we are in the barn with some new born lambs. Farmer Edd explained that he puts the numbers on the sheep and the lambs so that he knows which  lamb belongs to which mum.


This baby lamb was only about 4 hours old. His mum was very protective.


We were lucky enough to get to meet one of the new lambs close up. Ruby tickled him behind the ear.


This is Jody the cow. She is a Jersey. We watched her being milked and we were suprised to find out that she was able to give about 25 pints in one go!


Daisy-Mae met a very friendly calf who enjoyed having his nose rubbed.  He did try to eat Miss Jenner's coat though!


Hannah had a very nice chat with these two goats. They were pleased to see lots of children. I think they liked having their photo taken.


We all had a lovely time visiting the farm and we finished off with a class photo.



Explorer Dome

At the start of the Spring term we had a visit from the Explorer Dome to launch our topic 'Our World.' We learnt all about the different habitats around the planet and we found out what it was like to be very cold (with dry ice) and also how you would be camouflaged as a Polar bear against the ice and a seal in water. Please see some pictures below.


We had a visit from the Explorer Dome. The children were very excited when they saw it in the hall.


We talked about camouflage and how important it is for animals to either hide from predators or for predators to try and catch their prey. Here Evan is dressed like a seal and Taylor is like a polar bear. 


We also found out how important it is to look after our world by recycling as much as we can and not wasting water and resources.


We then used what we had learnt to answer questions about the different areas of the world. Everyone brought in facts they had found about polar animals. They then shared this in small groups. This really helped with their listening and communication skills. 

During P.E we moved like a number of the animals we had learnt about. This included hopping like arctic hares, swimming like seals and then slithering like snakes and swinging like monkeys through the jungle.


Hendrix is telling his friends all about what he has found out.


During P.E we also moved like the creatures we had learnt about. Here we are hopping like arctic hares.


We slithered like snakes pulling ourselves along on the floor.


Here we are swinging through the trees like monkeys in the jungle.



Autumn Term


Bear Hunt

We have been learning about stories where the main characters are bears. Explorers class, as part of an enterprise project to raise money for an end of year trip, went on a bear hunt. Lots of letter clues were hidden all around the school and forest area.  The children then had to find and write down the letters to make the name of a famous bear. We had a great time and discovered the bear was Paddington. Here are some photos of our fun morning.



We were very excited to go on a bear hunt. Here we are raring to go.


We took our teddies with us and wrote down the letter clues as we went. We worked with a friend and took it in turns to write.


Here we are searching around our wooded area. The clues were everywhere!


After we found all of the clues, we worked out our famous bear was Paddington. Here he is with the whole class.



Multi cultural week- United Kingdom

During the last week of term we have been learning about the United Kingdom and the Queen. We found out that there are 4 countries that make up the UK, these being England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. We also found out that the capital of England is London and the Queen has a palace there. We did some country dancing and we made crowns like Queen Elizabeth. We decided to have a street party and we made sandwiches, jelly and rice crispie cakes.



We learnt some traditional country dancing. Here we are warming up.


First we practised skipping with our partners.


Next we spun around with our friend four times.


Finally, we made an arch and our friends processed down the middle, two at a time.


We performed our dance in an assembly at the end pf the day. We had a great time with Mel who taught us.


We then needed to prepare the sandwiches for our street party. Katie, Riley and Summer cut the bread and spread butter on to make their sandwich.


Riley chose to make a jam sandwich. Here he is spreading the jam on.


Casey is waiting to eat her street party sandwich and jelly.


We all enjoyed our street party just like the ones that people had for the Queen's Diamond jubilee.

Nursery Rhymes

We have been learning about a number of nursery rhymes including Incy Wincy Spider. We made spiders using shapes. We also made some story maps and we created spiders using our hands. Here are some pictures to show what we have done. 


Dinis used different shapes to make his spider. He knew the names of the circle and rectangle.


Ruby also worked hard to make her spider. She told me that she had used rectangles and circles and that her spider was friendly.


This is our fantastic display.

We are enjoying our learning journey in Explorers class. Here are some pictures of us working and playing together.


Sarah, Kaja, Hendrix and Casey all used their jigsaw making skills to make our nursery rhyme puzzles.


Hendrix and Riley enjoyed listening to and sharing the story of 'Room on the broom.'


Daisy-Mae and Cassie love playing with the Peppa Pig game on the Promethean board in our classroom.


Ruby, Sophia-Jane and Cassie are using the light table to create some lovely designs. They are very colourful.