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Northgate Primary School

Northgate Primary School

Explorers class Archive 2021/22

Court farm

We had an amazing day at Court farm where we got to meet lots of the lovely friendly animals. We were blessed with lovely weather and everyone had a fantastic time, even having a tractor ride which was very bumpy indeed. Here are a few of our pictures.

Rocket making

Explorers class have been talking about space and to coincide with this we talked about designing a rocket to get to space. The children first drew their design and then they used a variety of materials to create their design. They then compared their design with the final piece of work. The made some absolutely fabulous creations.

Skipping with Dan the skipping man

On Friday 4th March we were lucky to do some skipping with Dan the skipping man. He came in to teach all of the children how to start to skip. The children all really enjoyed it and they were soon all able to skip. It was a brilliant session. Thank you Dan.

First everyone had a go at spinning the rope and then stepping over. This was a great start.
Then we all had a go at running through while the skipping rope was being turned by Dan and his colleague.
Finally everyone learnt how to bounce and they skip using the long rope. It was great fun!


World book day

We celebrated World Book Day on 3rd March and the Explorers came in dressed as their favourite character form either a book or comic. We have a great variety. We were also able to get back to using our school library which was great news.

The  children looked amazing dressed as their favourite character. Some of the children also brought in the book that their character came from and we were able to share them as well.
We were also delighted to go back and use our school library. Mrs Gubb explained to the children how our library works and that we will soon be able to take books out to share with our grown ups at home.

Creative morning

We always love to invite parents in to school and it was lovely to be able to do this again after nearly 2 years. We set up our hall and created pictures and art about 'Our special world' as well as doing other activities linked to our theme. It was fantastic to see so many grown ups and I think that everyone had great fun.

The grown ups and children worked together to create some amazing pictures of different habitats around the world.
There were amazing pictures of the desert, polar regions and the rainforest.

Explorer dome

As part of our learning about 'Our special world' we had a visit from the Explorer dome. We were able to see all of the wonderful habitats around the world inside the dome. We found out about the rainforest animals, felt what it was like to be in the polar regions and found out all about camouflage. Here are some pictures of our visit.
The children were very excited when they saw the amazing Explorer dome in the hall. We then went inside crawling through the tunnel. It was very exciting following the lights.
We looked at the animals from the rainforest and talked about them When it was dark all of the creatures glowed!
We found out how cold it is in the polar regions and Ellie, our presenter, used dry ice to show us. It was amazing!
We finally talked about how important it is to look after our planet as we only have one. We will all try to reduce, reuse and recycle.

 Number day

As part of our work we held a number day for the NSPCC. The children dressed in a number related way and we did a number of activities with all things mathematics at their heart.

The children dressed up with a number as part of their costume. We even had a giant calculator!

ASDA visit

We were lucky to have a visit from Jo from ASDA who talked to us about healthy eating. She explained what things should be put together to make a healthy plate of food. Explorers then created their own plate of healthy food.

Jo from ASDA talked to us about the different food groups and how we need to have a healthy diet to help us stay fit.
Everyone drew their own plate of healthy food with lots of vegetables and even some fruit for dessert.

 We're going on a bear hunt


Explorers class have been leaning about bears this term. To finish off we did our sponsored bear hunt. The children had to follow clues to find a bear. We went through all sorts of things including wavy grass, the forest and a snowstorm of bubbles! We raised over £400. Thank you to everyone who gave so generously. we will put the money towards a school trip/activity at the end of the year,

We battled through wavy grass to the trees. 
We found clues that were letters and we wrote them down.
Here we are with our anonymous bear!


Dance Workshop

We were really lucky to have a lovely dance workshop where we learnt to do some traditional English dancing. The children danced on their own and with a partner, as well as all together in a circle. It was great fun!

The children first learnt to move with a partner and they had to clap hands.
They they spun around in a circle holding hands. This was quite tricky if you went too fast!
Next we got into a circle and moved in and out in time to the music.
Finally, everyone finished in their own chosen position. We all had a great time.

Pirate day

To celebrate our new pirate ship, we had a Pirate day on Friday 12th November. We dressed up and did lots of pirate activities. We learnt a pirate dance, made treasure maps, created a pirate bridge and of course played on the new ship. Here are some photos of the fun we had. 

During our dance we pretended to clean our ship and then we learnt how to climb up the rigging.
We also learnt how to do a sailors hornpipe.
We also had a real treasure map. We followed the clues  and found the treasure of gold coins and a gold box. It was very exciting.
The pirates also build an obstacle bridge and had to walk the plank!
We also spent lots of time playing on the pirate ship. It was great fun
We had fun on Pirate day.

 TT Rockstars and Numbot day

On Tuesday (9th November) we took part in Maths Week England by having a Numbot day. The children were asked to dress up as something to do with numbers or robots or both. We then had fun with numbers. Please see some photos below.

We had lots of amazing costumes and number fun on Numbot day.
We  played on the Numbots app, working on our numbers and finding out some number facts.


Multicultural week- United Kingdom

As part of our multicultural week we learnt about the United Kingdom. We looked at the countries that make up the UK and we also found out some interesting facts such as the name of the flag (the Union flag or Union Jack).  We then made sandwiches and had a tea party to celebrate our learning.

We talked about the Queen. We also found out that she has a number of homes and the one in London that she uses most (Buckingham Palace) has 58 guest rooms, 118 other bedrooms and 78 bathrooms! .
We also had a tea party to celebrate our learning. We made jam sandwiches to eat at our party.
The children were very good at making sandwiches and practised their spreading skills.
We played the 'God save the Queen' before we sat down to eat. The children were very keen to get their food.
As each class in school had learnt about a different country we finished the week with a parade. We walked along waving our flags and wearing our crowns.

People who help us

We have been learning about 'People who help us' this half term. We have look at the different roles of teachers, doctors and nurses/paramedics, fire officers and the police. Some photos can be seen below.

We were visited by Dan and Owen who are firefighters. They explained what they did and talked about what we should do if we were ever caught in a fire. They also answered lots of questions about their jobs.

The children also got to try some of the safety equipment. The helmet was very heavy and had a built in light and visor.

We also had a visit from PC Penny who told us all about being a police officer, as well as how to keep ourselves safe. 

PC Penny brought in some Police equipment and we tried that on as well.

We also got to see a Police car. PC Penny explained about the blue lights and sirens. He then put on the sirens. They were very loud!

Learning in Explorers

Please find below some pictures of the children learning in Explorers class. 

We started our time at school by making rainbows. We were really careful using cotton buds and paints.

The children have also tried really hard with their learning. Here they are copying their numbers.

In P.E at the moment, we are learning about ball skills. We have practised kicking the ball.

We also learnt how to use our feet to control the ball and also how we keep it close to our foot.

We played lots of  games. Here we played capture the treasure.

We also played stuck in the mud. It was great fun.