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Franklin Class Archive 2020/21


Welcome to Franklin Class (Year 6), 

My name is Miss Priestman and I am the class teacher. Working alongside me are my teaching assistants, Mrs Murdoch and Miss Glassup. Together, we make up the Franklin class team.

I will be using this page on our school website to document the children's learning journey in Year 6. Enjoy looking through our class page!

Class Information

Welcome back to school after a sunshine-soaked half-term! We are now in our very last 7 weeks of this academic year and we have many amazing learning experiences planned for the children, despite not being able to go on our class Residential, due to Covid-19. Some of these experiences include a sleepover at school, the Year 6 Production and Sports Day! I hope the children enjoy their last few weeks at Northgate and make memories that will last a lifetime! 

All information regarding life in Franklin class can be found on the class newsletter below. 

Our Summer newsletter is here.

We also have Curriculum Overviews, which map out the learning objectives for each half-term and the topics that the children will be exploring. The overview for this half-term can be found below.

Summer B - Lights, Camera, Action!

The accompanying Knowledge Organiser for this topic is here

At the beginning of the academic year, I held a Curriculum Meeting for parents/carers, to provide information regarding the teaching and learning that will take place in Year 6. Please find the PowerPoint presentation from this meeting below. 

Franklin Curriculum Meeting Presentation

Learning in Franklin Class

Summer Term

Our topic during Summer B is Lights, Camera, Action, which focuses on the Performing Arts and putting on a class Production for the rest of the school, family and friends. 

Beach Trip

On Monday 5th July, we visited Brean Beach for the day to enjoy some much needed fun at the end of a very busy academic year. The children loved building sand sculptures, playing team games and spending quality time with their friends. 





Amazing Art!

The children have enjoyed developing their drawing skills by sketching one half of an animal's face. They thought carefully about line, tone, texture and shading and spent over an hour working on their pieces. Every child produced an amazing piece of artwork and they should all be extremely proud of themselves. 




Homework Projects

The children were set a homework project to make something to teach people all about themselves or a topic that was of particular interest to them. The projects the children produced were incredible and clearly much effort and thought had been put into them. Well done to each and every one of you for your projects and presenting them to the class confidently. 





Den Building 

On Friday 18th June, we enjoyed a morning of den building in our Forest School area. The children had to work cooperatively, listening to each-other's ideas and problem-solving throughout to try to make a successful shelter. 





Our topic during Summer A is Villains and Vengeance, which focuses on exploring how Crime and Punishment in Britain has changed throughout the ages.

Summer A Curriculum Overview - Villains and Vengeance!

Summer A Knowledge Organiser - Villains and Vengeance Knowledge Organiser

Crime and Punishment WOW Day!

On Wednesday 12th May 2021, the children arrived at school to a terrible sight! Somebody had stolen our class teddy, Pikachu, from the classroom and had left it in a mess. The children worked in small teams to investigate the crime-scene and work out who had committed the crime. They created Missing posters, wrote and conducted interviews with their main suspects and took Mrs Murdoch to trial, where luckily, they found her not guilty! At the end of the day, when all hope of finding the culprit seemed futile, the children spotted our class cleaner, JoJo, with Pikachu! The crime was solved and all was well again in Franklin Class.




Creating Suspense Music

This half-term, we have enjoyed experimenting with creating our own suspense music, using a range of musical instruments. We thought about using crescendos and dynamics to build tension within our pieces and we performed them to each other, receiving feedback on what we did well and how we could improve next time.



Performing Arts Workshop

On Wednesday 28th April 2021, we were lucky enough to have somebody from the West End come into school to undertake a Performing Arts Workshop with us. We learnt the song, This is Me, from The Greatest Showman, with a choreographed routine, which we performed as a class. It was a truly amazing experience and we are now well-prepared for our end of year Production!





Science - Electrical circuits

In Science this half-term, we are studying Electricity. We had fun recapping our previous learning from Year 4 about how to make a simple series circuit to light a bulb. Then, we challenged ourselves further to add more bulbs into the circuit and make observations about what happens to the brightness of the bulbs and why, before thinking of ways to overcome this, including adding switches. 


Class Debate

As part of our English learning based around balanced arguments, we had a class debate about whether Stanley Yelnats (from the book, Holes) should have been sent to Camp Green Lake. We had a 'For' and 'Against' panel and the audience were able to contribute their ideas once the 'floor had been opened'. After many good arguments from both sides, the final vote was largely in favour  of the 'against' viewpoint. 




Spring Term 

Our topic during Spring B is The Magnificent Mayans, which focuses around studying the ancient Maya Civilisation. 

Spring B Curriculum Overview - The Magnificent Mayans!

Spring B Knowledge Organiser - The Magnificent Mayans Knowledge Organiser

Easter Bonnet Competition

To finish off the Spring term, ready for the Easter holidays, the school held a Year Group Easter Bonnet Competition. The winners for Year 6 were Hayleigh and Danielle. Well done, girls!


Maya Research Projects and Presentations

As part of our History learning about the ancient Maya civilisation, the children were partnered up and set the task of completing a paired research project about an aspect of the Maya civilisation. The children had to research the information themselves, using valid historical websites and textbooks, create visual aids to support their presentations and then present their learning to the class. The presentations were absolutely fantastic and the children gained lots from this learning experience, including knowledge, understanding, cooperation and teamwork skills, time-management and organisational skills and speaking and listening skills. 





Maya Tiles

In Art this half-term, we have been learning about ancient Maya art and culture. We designed and made our own tiles using clay. We thought carefully about how to manipulate the clay to our desired outcomes through rolling, pinching and slabbing and we added designs to our tiles using tools. 



Science Day 2021 

On Thursday 11th March 2021, we had a Science Day in school to celebrate British Science Week. The theme this year was Innovation for the Future. In Year 6, we explored the human circulatory system, linked to our Autumn Science learning, and we looked specifically at the blood. We made our own blood to understand the different components, we made scabs to learn about how blood clots and we had to create our own blood-thinning agent using a variety of materials. 



World Book Day 2021

On Thursday 4th March 2021, we celebrated World Book Day. The children were set different activities throughout the day, including making a pop-up of their favourite book, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Our favourite part was snuggling up with a good book and having a read! When all children had returned to school, we dressed up as our favourite book characters. 




Our topic during Spring A is Sizzling South America, which focuses around the continent and its key human and physical features, with an in-depth study into Brazil. 

Spring A Curriculum Overview - Sizzling South America!

Spring A Knowledge Organiser - Sizzling South America Knowledge Organiser

Children's Mental Health Week 2021

On Wednesday 3rd February 2021, we recognised and celebrated the importance of Children's Mental Health Week by having Well-being Wednesday. The children in school were able to come dressed in anything that helped them express themselves and we had a day of fun activities, including building structures in Maths using different building materials, creating positive quote posters and in our daily class assembly, we had hot chocolates and well-being check-ins with those children in school and at home. 



Autumn Term 

Our topic during Autumn B is Darwin's Delights, which focuses around Evolution and Inheritance. 

Autumn B Curriculum Overview - Darwin's Delights!

Autumn B Knowledge Organiser - Evolution and Inheritance Knowledge Organiser

Merry Christmas! 

Despite COVID 19 restrictions, we still managed to enjoy some festive favourites, including Christmas Jumper Day and Christmas dinner. From all of the children and staff in Franklin Class, we wish everybody a very merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 



Raising Aspirations Programme

This half-term, we have undertaken the Raising Aspirations Programme, Job Junction, which focuses on developing the children's knowledge and understanding of different jobs and careers. The children have learnt about qualities and skills and how these can be related to the workplace. They have also written their own CVs and covering letters and practised interviewing each-other. We ended the programme with a graduation ceremony, where the children shared their favourite parts about Job Junction and what they had learnt from it. 






Orienteering Adventure

On Tuesday 1st December, we spent the day creating our own orienteering courses in the school grounds to develop our geographical fieldwork skills. We chose where we wanted our courses to be and then drew a detailed sketch map of the area. After, we had to use a compass to sort out the directions for our course. We then created the clues to be found at each stage of our course and had a go at each-other's courses to assess how accurate they were. 




Forest School

On Wednesday 25th November, we enjoyed an afternoon of Forest School. We were given a piece of string and we had to attach as many natural items to it as we could. We were given criteria for our natural items such as colour or weight. Then, we had the opportunity to go mini beast hunting or to sketch something in the environment. 




Our topic during Autumn A is Marvellous Me, which focuses around the human circulatory system. 

Autumn A Curriculum Overview - Marvellous Me!

Autumn A Knowledge Organiser - Human Circulatory System Knowledge Organiser

At the end of the first half-term, we had a Creativity Week, which had a Multi-Cultural focus. In our class, we learnt about Mexico and took part in lots of fun and exciting activities, such as making Mexican tissue-paper flowers, making Day of the Dead masks out of clay and Mexican food-tasting. We had a fantastic week and developed our geographical knowledge of this amazing country. 





As part of our learning for Black History Month, we created a class portrait of Nelson Mandela, in the style of Chuck Close. We enjoyed painting our own sections and were very excited when we put them all together and saw the final outcome. 





On Friday 11th September 2020, we enjoyed burying a time capsule in our Forest School area. The time capsule contains letters that we have written to ourselves, which we will read at the end of Year 6, to see how we have changed and grown throughout the year.