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Franklin Class Archive 2021-2022


Welcome to Franklin Class (Year 6), 

My name is Miss Priestman and I am the class teacher. Working alongside me are my teaching assistants, Mrs Murdoch and Miss Glassup. Together, we make up the Franklin class team.

I will be using this page on our school website to document the children's learning journey in Year 6. Enjoy looking through our class page!

Class Information

Welcome to the final half-term of this academic year! I hope you had a restful and enjoyable break with family and friends in the sunshine. This is your child's last 7 weeks of primary school and they are set to be amazing! The children are going to be extremely busy with production rehearsals, transition activities, a Water Sports and Outdoor Adventure Day and Year 6 Prom to look forward to. 

All information regarding life in Franklin class can be found on the class newsletter below. 

Our Summer B Update newsletter is here

We also have Curriculum Overviews, which map out the learning objectives for each half-term and the topics that the children will be exploring. The overview for this half-term can be found below.

Summer B - Lights, Camera, Action!

The accompanying Knowledge Organiser for this topic is here.

At the beginning of the academic year, I held a Curriculum Meeting for parents/carers, to provide information regarding the teaching and learning that will take place in Year 6. Please find the PowerPoint presentation from this meeting below. 

Franklin Curriculum Meeting Presentation

On Monday 14th March, I held a SATS Information Parents' Meeting to provide information on how the SATS will be administered to the children and to give an overview of what to expect in SATS Week, which is w/c 9th May 2022. Please find the PowerPoint presentation from this meeting below. 

SATS Information Parents' Meeting Presentation 

Learning in Franklin Class

Summer Term

Queen's Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

On Friday 10th June, the whole school enjoyed a 'Street Party' with food, singing and dancing to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. Every child made their own sandwich for the celebration, which they ate whilst enjoying conversation with their peers. It was wonderful to come together and commemorate this historical occasion as a whole school. 



Bike Maintenance with The Bridgwater Way

On Thursday 9th June, we had workshops with people from The Bridgwater Way focused on how to look after bikes correctly and keep them in good working order. We learnt some valuable life skills including how to check each part of the bike and how to pump and change a tyre. 



A Play in a Day Workshop

On Wednesday 8th June, we had the opportunity to develop our drama and singing skills. We worked in small groups to represent global issues, using our bodies and movement, without sound. Some of us then showed our mini role-plays to the school during a Sharing Assembly. 




Our topic for Summer A is the Magnificent Mayas, which focuses on learning about this amazing ancient civilisation's culture, achievements and how they influenced life today.

Summer A Curriculum Overview - Magnificent Mayas.

Summer A Knowledge Organiser - The ancient Maya Civilisation.

Sports Day 2022

On Friday 27th May, we had our whole-school Sports Day where the children participated in numerous physical activities in their house teams. The morning was thoroughly enjoyed by all children with Rowan being crowned victorious at the end. 




Tree Planting

On Thursday 26th May, the children in Franklin class had the chance to make history by planting some of the trees and bushes in the Brewery field. The children will now be able to watch these plants grow when they visit the wildlife reserve and look back on this day with fond memories. 




DT - Fruit Salad

As part of Health and Wellbeing Week, the children worked in trios to plan and make a fruit salad. They had to peel, cut and chop the fruit independently and then write a set of instructions on how to make it. The children enjoyed tasting their fruit salads and they will evaluate their finished product. 




PE - Cricket

In our PE lessons, we have been developing our batting and fielding skills through the game of cricket. We have enjoyed playing some competitive games against each-other and we have supported our team-mates to improve their understanding of this sport.




DT - Sewing

Our DT project over the past few weeks has been focused on the children designing and making their own tote bag. They first designed a stencil, inspired by graffiti artist, Banksy. The next stage was to cut out the calico needed to make their tote bag and sew the pieces together using a running or blanket stitch. Some children found the sewing difficult but they persevered to make the bag themselves with little adult support. The final stage will be to use technology to make their stencil and then iron it onto the front of their bag using transfer paper.



Table Tennis fun!

The children in Franklin class have thoroughly enjoyed using the new table tennis table during their lunch times. They are developing their hand-eye co-ordination and team-working and problem-solving skills whilst engaging in some healthy competition. 



SPaG Treasure Hunt

As part of our English revision in preparation for the SATs, we have been working on consolidating our SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) knowledge. To make this more fun, we enjoyed a SPaG Treasure Hunt on the school grounds in the sunshine. The children had to find the hidden clues, read the questions and provide the correct answers to complete the activity. 




Spring Term

Our topic for Spring B is Sizzling South America, which focuses on learning about this continent's countries, with a depth study into Brazil. 

Spring B Curriculum Overview - Sizzling South America.

Spring B Knowledge Organiser - South America.

Inter-House Hockey Tournament 

On Friday 8th April, Mr Armitage organised an Inter-House Hockey Tournament for the Year 5 and 6 children. This was the first Inter-House competition at Northgate and it was a great success! Every child in Year 5 and 6 participated in the tournament, playing for their House team, and a good time was had by all. Oak were the overall winners at the end of the tournament, with Kurt scoring the winning penalty for his team! Well done to all children in Year 5 and 6 for a fantastic morning of hockey; we cannot wait for the next competition!




Forest School - Den building

In our Forest School sessions, the children have enjoyed building dens using a variety of materials. This gave them the opportunity to develop their team working, leadership and problem-solving skills in a different context to the classroom. 
One World Workshop

On Friday 18th March, we had an exciting workshop in school ran by people from the Engine Room. This workshop involved listening to some live music played on the electric keyboard - which was wonderful - and writing a storyboard in small groups, which we then turned into a radio bulletin. We thoroughly enjoyed using the specialised equipment to record our radio bulletins and we cannot wait to receive the edited versions! It was lovely to hear the children speaking in their native tongues for the radio bulletins, showcasing the important message that we are all the same, just our languages are different. 



Outdoor Adventure

In our PE lessons this half-term, we are participating in Outdoor Adventure activities that are designed to build teamwork and communication skills. In our first session, we had to work with a partner to make our way through a maze without touching the cones and we were blindfolded! We had to rely on our partner, building trust, to navigate us successfully through the maze, which developed our speaking and listening skills.



Dan the Skipping Man!

On Friday 4th March, we participated in a skipping workshop with Dan the Skipping Man. We learnt new ways of skipping and had lots of fun pushing ourselves to achieve new techniques. We are looking forward to improving our skills on the playground with our new skipping ropes!




World Book Day 2022

On Thursday 3rd March, we celebrated World Book Day in school. The children came to school dressed as their favourite book character and we enjoyed book-related activities including a BBC Live Lesson with famous authors and creating our own pop-up books.





Our topic for Spring A is Villains and Vengeance, which focuses on learning about Crime and Punishment across the ages.

Spring A Curriculum Overview - Villains and Vengeance

Spring A Knowledge Organiser - Crime and Punishment

STEM - Creativity Week

During the last week before half-term, we enjoyed a Creativity Week with a STEM focus. We participated in some fun and challenging activities, including Bridge Blunder (designing and making a prototype of a bridge), Fantastic Fingerprints (taking copies of our fingerprints to see if they could be used to take registers in schools) and Racing Rockets (building a simple rocket and testing which rocket could travel the furthest by blowing into a straw). 




Shepton Mallet Prison Trip 

As part of our Crime and Punishment topic, we visited Shepton Mallet Prison to learn about life as a prisoner and the types of crime committed in the Victorian era. We enjoyed a cell escape activity to experience life behind bars and had an excellent guided tour from an ex-prison officer to learn about how the prison functioned when it was open. 




Music - Playing and Performing

The children have developed their knowledge of musical notation further and have composed their own short pieces on the glockenspiel. They have written their own music and performed to the class individually and in pairs. 







English - Debate

Our English work has focused around the book 'The True Story of the Three Little Pigs' and the children have debated the question: Should Mr Wolf have been sent to prison? Each child participated well, speaking clearly and with confidence. They worked hard on speaking formally and ensured their arguments were well structured, developing their oracy skills. They will use this learning to write a balanced argument based on the same question.



Forest School

In Forest School this half-term, the children have enjoyed making clay models to decorate the Forest School area. 



Science - Electricity

In Science, we have started a topic on Electricity. We explored making a simple circuit to make a bulb light and have learnt the scientific symbols to represent the different parts of the circuit. 




Music - Composing

In Music this half-term, we are learning about musical notation and how to compose our own short pieces of suspense music. We started by learning about crotchets and quavers and creating beats and rhythms using these musical notes and a variety of musical instruments. 



PE - Gymnastics and Real PE

In our PE lessons, we are enjoying learning about balance and coordination in gymnastics. We are also developing our sending and receiving skills in Real PE and thinking carefully about how to challenge ourselves physically to improve our performance. 




Autumn Term

Our topic during Autumn B is Darwin's Delights, which focuses on learning about evolution and inheritance. 

Autumn B Curriculum Overview - Darwin's Delights!

Autumn B Knowledge Organiser - Evolution and Inheritance

Christmas Cheer!

On Wednesday 15th December, we enjoyed our Christmas Dinner and Christmas Jumper Day as a school. We have also made Christmas cards and calendars and boogied on down at our class Christmas Party. All of Franklin class are wishing everyone a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!




Dance - Cheerleading

In PE, we have been creating our own cheerleading dances in pairs or small groups. We have had to work well as part of a team and reflect upon our performances to improve them further. We have had lots of fun moving our bodies in different ways and watching each-other's routines. 




Compass Directions

In Geography this half-term, we have been learning about the eight points of a compass and how to use a compass correctly to follow directions. We then used our knowledge to create our own orienteering course in the school grounds. 




Art - Tints and Tones

In Art this term, we have been improving our drawing and painting skills. We have explored tonal shading and how to create tints and tones using paint. We will then use our developing skills to create a portrait at the end, which we will evaluate to help us make further progress. 



Street Cricket Workshop

On Tuesday 30th November, we enjoyed a Street Cricket Workshop. This involved developing our batting, catching and fielding skills as well as working as part of a team and being good sportspeople. 




Rocks and Fossils Workshop

On Tuesday 16th November, the children participated in a Rocks and Fossils Workshop to develop their understanding of how fossils have supported scientists in understanding evolution. They made fossil-rubbings, learnt about how fossils are formed and handled some fossils, which they found very exciting!



Times Tables Rockstars Day!

On Tuesday 9th November, we enjoyed our school's very first TT Rock Stars Day! The children enjoyed dressing up as rock stars and participating in a special TT Rock Stars Assembly. They also had the opportunity to compete in Maths Week England's National TT Rock Stars Competition!



Visit from the MP

As part of our learning during UK Parliament Week, we were lucky enough to have a visit from our local MP. The children asked many interesting and thought-provoking questions about the running of our country and how Parliament works. 



RE- Godly Play

On Thursday 4th November, we were joined by Meg, who taught a lesson about 'change'. We listened to and acted out the Christian Bible story of John the Baptist to help us understand why change is important in our lives and how John helped other people to change through cleansing their souls. 



STEM Workshop 

On Tuesday 2nd November, we enjoyed a STEM Workshop with a representative from Willmott Dixon, who are building the Northgate Yard. We were challenged to create different structures using building straws and we had to work well as part of a team to communicate our ideas and solve problems. 




Our topic during Autumn A is Amazing Me, which focuses on learning about the human circulatory system. 

Autumn A Curriculum Overview - Amazing Me!

Autumn A Knowledge Organiser - The Human Circulatory System

Creativity Week - Multicultural

During the week of Monday 18th October, we celebrated Creativity Week across the school with a multicultural focus. In Year 6, we learnt about the country of Mexico. This included identifying Mexico on a world map and in an atlas, developing our knowledge of the religious aspects of the country and exploring the cultural aspects, too. We thoroughly enjoyed learning about The Day of the Dead Festival and appreciating the artwork of the famous Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo. We also tried new foods, including salsa, sour cream and guacamole when we were food tasting. Finally, we learnt a Mexican song and performed this for our friends and parents during the whole-school Multicultural Parade.     



Black History Month - Joseph Coelho Assembly 

In celebration and recognition of Black History Month, the children were able to enjoy a virtual assembly hosted by the poet, Joseph Coelho. The assembly was engaging and fun and it was great for the children to see and hear from a published author to inspire their future writing!



Charter House Residential

Between Monday 4th and Friday 8th October, children from Year 5 and Year 6 had the most amazing week at Charter House on our residential. We had the opportunity to try many interesting and adventurous outdoor activities like caving, gorge scrambling, rock climbing and archery. Every child pushed themselves beyond their comfort zones and demonstrated superb resilience across the week. Well done everyone!




Creative Workshop at The Engine Room

On Thursday 30th September, the children enjoyed visiting the Engine Room in the town centre to participate in a Creative Workshop where they explored sustainability and making electrical products using a variety of techniques. 




Making blood

In Science this half-term, we are learning about the human circulatory system. Part of this learning is understanding that blood carries water and nutrients around our body. To develop our knowledge, we 'made blood' to learn about what our blood contains and the function of each part. 




Burying the Time Capsule!

On Tuesday 21st September, we enjoyed burying our Time Capsule, which contains a letter from each child to their future self. We will dig up the Time Capsule on the last day of Year 6 and look back at how much we have changed across the year, as well as seeing if we managed to achieve what we set out to.