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Franklin Class Archive 2022-2023


Welcome to Franklin Class (Year 6), 

My name is Miss Priestman and I am the class teacher. Working alongside me are my teaching assistants, Mrs Searle and Miss Champion. Together, we make up the Franklin class team.

I will be using this page on our school website to document the children's learning journey in Year 6. Enjoy looking through our class page!

Class Information

Welcome to the last 7 weeks of your child's journey at Northgate! I hope you and your families had a wonderful May half-term and enjoyed the glorious weather that we had. We have an extremely busy half-term coming up in Year 6 with our trip to Wimbleball Lake, an opportunity for the children to visit the Somerset County Cricket Ground, production preparation and rehearsals and Leavers' speeches to write!

All information regarding life in Franklin class can be found on the class newsletter below. 

Our Summer B newsletter is here.

We also have Curriculum Overviews, which map out the learning objectives for each half-term and the topics that the children will be exploring. The overview for this half-term can be found below.

Summer B - The Magnificent Maya!

The accompanying Knowledge Organiser for this topic is here.

At the beginning of the academic year, I held a Curriculum Meeting for parents/carers, to provide information regarding the teaching and learning that will take place in Year 6. Please find the PowerPoint presentation from this meeting below. 

Franklin Curriculum Meeting Presentation

Learning in Franklin Class

Summer Term

Wimbleball Lake

On Friday 7th July, the Year 5 and Year 6 children enjoyed a day at Wimbleball Lake participating in kayaking, activities on the mega-sup, high ropes and archery. This supported their physical development and team-working skills. 



Quayside Festival Art Workshop

On Thursday 29th June, the children participated in a Quayside Festival Art Workshop where they made environmentally-friendly bees to be displayed around Bridgwater as a fun trail for families to enjoy. 


Science - Making blood!

In Science, we have been learning about the human circulatory system. We know that it is made up of the heart, blood and blood vessels. To develop our understanding of what is transported in the blood, we had a go at making blood using day-to-day materials to represent the different components, including the red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and plasma. 


PE - Athletics

In our PE lessons this half term, we have been developing our athletic skills. We have practised throwing a variety of equipment for different purposes, including javelins for distance, bean bags for target practise and hoops for accuracy. 



Our topic for Summer A is focused on South America, where the children will learn about the continent's countries and capital cities and complete a depth study into Brazil. 

Summer A Curriculum Overview - Sizzling South America

Summer A Knowledge Organiser - South America

Health and Wellbeing Creativity Week

In the last week before the May half-term break, we enjoyed celebrating our health and wellbeing with a focus on food, body and mind. Across the course of the week, the children participated in a wide range of activities including making their own isotonic sports drinks, making mindfulness glitter jars, partaking in a football session ran by Bridgwater United Football Club, a Kickboxing Class and finished off with our annual Sports Day. 




Franklin Fest!

To celebrate the children's hard work this year and the end of the SATs Assessments, we held our very own class festival called Franklin Fest! The day started with a cooked breakfast followed by an all-day silent disco and completed with ice-cream. Many of the children wore the tie-dye t-shirts they had made in school and sported some fantastic face paint. It was a truly amazing day that was thoroughly enjoyed by everybody. 






Music - Boom whackers

In Music this half term, the children have begun exploring musical notation. They have worked as a group to use boom whackers to play different melodies already given to them and then progressed to writing their own melodies using colours and notes. 


King Charles III Coronation

As part of our Coronation celebrations, we held an arts and crafts workshop with the children and their parents/carers. The children had a choice of what they wanted to make to mark this historic event and to wear/carry for the whole school Coronation Parade. Many children chose to make crowns, flags and banners which were fabulous!



Science - Electrical Circuits

In Science this half-term, we have been exploring electricity. The children have learnt the scientific symbols for the components in an electrical circuit and have used the practical equipment to make simple series circuits and to test how voltage affects the brightness of a bulb and the volume of a buzzer. 



Mixed Media Landscapes 

In Art, the children have been exploring how to combine different medias to create various effects in their work. For their assessment piece, they went outside onto the school grounds to choose a landscape to sketch. They will then choose which mediums to use to finish off their artwork. 



Spring Term

Our topic for Spring B is Villains and Vengeance, where the children will learn how crime and punishment has changed throughout the ages. 

Spring B Curriculum Overview - Villains and Vengeance!

Spring B Knowledge Organiser - Crime and Punishment

British Science Week 2023

This year, the theme for British Science Week was Connections. In Year 6, we focused on learning about connections within the human body, particularly thinking about DNA. As part of this week, the children worked in small groups to plan their own experiment to test their reaction times. They then presented their findings on a poster which were displayed during the Science Fair. 



Snow Day!

We were lucky enough to wake up to snow one morning and the children enjoyed playing in it during their break time.


World Book Day 2023

On Thursday 3rd March, we enjoyed celebrating World Book Day. The children came to school dressed as a word and they made pop-ups of their favourite book. 


Crime and Punishment Workshop

On Tuesday 28th February, we had a Crime and Punishment workshop delivered by Somerset Heritage. The children had the opportunity to see and handle real artefacts, learn how to take their fingerprints and identify what type of fingerprints they have and search the archives to learn about Somerset prisoners from many years ago. 



Victorian CSI Challenge!

To kick-start our Crime and Punishment topic, the children participated in a CSI challenge. They had to pretend to be Victorian police officers and use the clues provided to solve a crime that had been committed. The children thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and used many problem-solving and teamwork skills within this activity. 



Our topic for Spring A is Biomes around the World, where the children will learn about the tundra, desert, rainforest, woodland, grassland and savannah biomes. 

Spring A Curriculum Overview - Biomes around the World

Spring A Knowledge Organiser - World Biomes

History Creativity Week

For our Creativity Week before the February half-term, we had a History focus. In Year 6, we learnt about the Suffragettes. We kick-started the week with a practical workshop, where we learnt about key figures in the Suffragette movement. We then completed an independent research project about a chosen Suffragette, creating a fact file, which was displayed at our History Exhibition at the end of the week. 


Inter-House Basketball Tournament

In PE this half-term, the children have been developing their basketball skills. To celebrate their learning, the children in Year 5 and Year 6 had an inter-house basketball tournament. Every child represented their house well and it was wonderful to see teamwork and cooperation skills being used to promote success. 



Biomes in a Box Workshop

On Tuesday 31st January, parents and carers were invited into school to help the children create a biome in a box. Each child had independently researched their chosen biome to gather information ready for the workshop. They had access to numerous resources and materials and worked with their adult to create their chosen biome. It was an extremely creative afternoon with the children (and adults) producing some excellent finished pieces. 




Science - Carl Linnaeus Research

In Science, we have been learning about the classification system. We learnt about the scientist, Carl Linnaeus, who developed the classification system used by taxonomists today. We then used laptops to research how different animals are classified using this system.



Art - Exploring watercolours

In Art this half-term, we have been exploring mixed media landscapes. As part of this learning, we have developed our knowledge of how to use watercolours in different ways to create a variety of effects when painting. 


Autumn Term

Our topic for Autumn B is World War II, with a particular focus on how children were impacted during this time. 

Autumn B Curriculum Overview - World War II

Autumn B Knowledge Organiser - The Second World War

Christmas 2022

The children enjoyed their last Christmas at Northgate by engaging in a variety of different activities including the KS2 Christmas Carol Concert at Westfield Church, Christmas Dinner and Jumper Day and their class Christmas Party. 




Science - Light

In Science this half-term, we have been exploring a unit on Light. It has been a very practical unit of work involving lots of experiments, which the children have thoroughly enjoyed. They have made their own periscopes using cereal boxes and mirrors to develop their understand of how reflection works, they have made a colour wheel to see the visible spectrum and they have made shadow puppets to explore why shadows are always the same shape as the objects that cast them. 



Evacuee Experience Trip

On Wednesday 30th November, the children enjoyed a trip to the Rural Life Museum where they participated in an Evacuee Experience. They explored what it was like to be in an air raid shelter and wrote letters home as evacuees; they learnt about 'Digging for Victory' and made propaganda posters and planted their own seed pots to take home; they developed their understanding of rationing through role-playing in a World War II shop. Every child thoroughly enjoyed the day and they are now ready to use their new knowledge and experiences to write their own war stories and perform a class assembly for the rest of the school about World War II.




PE - Dance

In PE this half-term, the children have enjoyed creating their own dance routines. They experimented with pace and height to move their bodies in a variety of ways. 



First Aid Workshop

To develop the children's life skills, they participated in a First Aid Workshop delivered by The Red Cross. The children learnt how they can use household items in a first aid situation and they practised giving chest compressions on an Annie doll. They also discussed different injuries and the first aid that can be given to help the patient. 




World War II WOW Day!

To kickstart our topic on World War II, the children participated in a Forest School day where they had the opportunity to dig a trench, make their own vegetable stew from scratch and complete soldier boot camp. The children thoroughly enjoyed immersing themselves in solider life and are keen to learn more about the Second World War. 





Our topic for Autumn A is Journeys, which focuses on understanding the different journeys people take or have taken around the world.

Autumn A Curriculum Overview - Journeys

Autumn A Knowledge Organiser - Darwin's Delights!

Multicultural Creativity Week - Hola Mexico!

During the final week before the half-term break, the children enjoyed learning about Mexico for Multicultural Week. They participated in many different activities including research about Mexico, creating Day of the Dead masks, learning about and creating artwork inspired by Frida Kahlo and eating nachos whilst watching Coco. We ended the week celebrating our learning in the school's Multicultural Parade where we had the opportunity to show the dance we had learnt to parents and carers. 




Orienteering Adventure!

In Geography this half-term, we have been learning how to use the eight points of a compass. Using this knowledge, the children worked in pairs to create an orienteering course in the school grounds. 


Science - Rocks and Fossils Workshop

For Science this week, the children enjoyed participating in a Rocks and Fossils Workshop. The workshop linked to our learning about evolution, particularly thinking about how fossils provide evidence for evolution. The children developed their knowledge of the different types of rock and how fossils are formed. They played Rocks and Minerals Bingo, made fossil rubbings, handled fossils and sorted rocks into the different categories. 



Art - Layered Portraits

In Art this half-term, the children are exploring identities through creating layered portraits. Their work is inspired by the artist Mike Barrett, who has created his own layered portrait. The children have thoroughly enjoyed using a range of media to create their portraits, including fine-liner pens, watercolour paints, tissue paper, card and newspaper clippings. So far, they have drawn their self-portrait and created the background for their portrait to sit on. The final step is to piece the two parts together into a final product.




Journeys in Geography

Our topic this half-term focuses on exploring journeys that people have taken in the past but also journeys that people in the world make today. We began our topic with investigating the Arctic journey of Ernest Shackleton. The children were highly intrigued by his third expedition and used maps and atlases to plot his journey to and around Antarctica. 



Somerset Cricket Sessions

The children have enjoyed participating in cricket sessions ran by Somerset Cricket. They have developed their catching, fielding and batting skills and have improved their ability to work as part of a team. 



 Daily Dance Party!

Every day, we enjoy moving our bodies to a dance song. In our first week, we have enjoyed the Macarena, the Cha Cha Slide and some Dolly Parton!


Forum Theatre in English

Our English lessons for the first week of Year 6 focused around the story of the Five Bears. To develop our understanding of the story, we split into small groups to act it out. We performed our drama piece to the class and all retold it very well.