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Northgate Primary School

Northgate Primary School

Raleigh Class Archive 2018/19

Learning in Raleigh Class

Wizard Wednesday!

Mysterious things have been happening in Raleigh Class this term. It all began when the children received a letter of invitation to join Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This week, twenty-six wonderful wizards were greeted with candles, quills, cauldrons and a slightly different timetable to their usual Wednesday. They took part in a sorting hat ceremony, created some poetic spells and even carried out a potion investigation. The children then worked their magic with the spheros; decorating plastic cups with Harry Potter characters and using block coding to navigate the characters around obstacles. 




Light and Shadows

We have been investigating light, dark and shadows as well as exploring how mirrors work. Here are some of the mirror games we played whilst learning about reflective surfaces. 


Maypole Dancing

We had a go at dancing around the Maypole this term. The children skipped in time with the music and changed direction to form patterns with the ribbon. 



Raleigh class looked fantastic in their Easter bonnets! They also had great fun in their Easter egg hunt, where they had to work out how much money was in each of the hidden eggs!                                                                                 


Romans in Britain

We really enjoyed our Romans topic this term. We designed, made and evaluated Roman purses and even recreated Boudicca's rebellion against the Romans on the playground!

Roman purse Purse Boudicca

Dunster Trip

Raleigh Class went on a school trip to follow the journey of a river. We found the source in the valley and followed it through Dunster before paying a visit to the river's mouth. We had a fantastic day!



Creativity Week

Throughout Creativity Week, Raleigh Class worked on the story 'How the Rhinoceros got his Skin.' We took part in lots of drama activities and even created our own song about Rhinos! As well as producing some fantastic art using pattern work, oil pastels and water colour paints, the children learned to play their own rhino song's tune using glockenspiels and boomwhackers. 





Year 3 have been working hard on their reasoning and problem-solving skills this term. Here are some of the maths investigations we have carried out.



Year 3 have been working hard on their topic work this half term. We have been learning about rivers and developing our map skills. We used google maps and atlases to locate rivers in the UK and created our own islands to develop our compass skills. After creating our maps and keys with pavement chalk, we programmed the spheros to visit the human and physical features, using our locational and directional language. We also worked in groups to create models of rivers and label their features. 

Geography Geography Geography

Geography Geography




Forces and Magnets

Raleigh Class have been learning about forces and magnets. We have been investigating how things move on different surfaces by carrying out a test with toy cars. We discovered that the cars needed less force on smooth surfaces and more force on rough surfaces. 


Forces Forces Forces

Gunpowder Plot

Raleigh Class have been learning about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot. We looked at photographs and artefacts to ask and answer questions about the past. We also re-created the events through role play and produced some firework paintings using 'exploding' art. 

Artefacts Guy Fawkes Exploding Art 


Creativity Week

We have been learning all about the Caribbean. We used non-fiction books to research the culture, food and geography. We thought about how the islands are similar and different to the UK, and even performed a traditional Caribbean dance!




Dinosaur Day in Raleigh Class

Raleigh Class have been learning all about dinosaurs and fossils. We looked at different types of dinosaurs and classified them into herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. We then discovered how fossils are formed and had a go at our own excavation. Raleigh Class also performed the poem, 'At the Museum,' creating their own actions for our class tea party. 


Dinosaur sorting         Fossil observation    


Excavation         Dinosaur   Fossil


 Multi-skills Festival

Raleigh Class went to Haygrove School to take part in a multi-skills festival. We had a lovely time and tried lots of new sports.

Parachute    Football