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Northgate Primary School

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Raleigh Class Archive 2020/21


Welcome to Raleigh Class!

My name is Maisie Waygood and I am the class teacher. Mrs Karen Picton, our Higher Level Teaching Assistant, works alongside me and we make up the Raleigh class team.

Thank you to everyone who attended the curriculum meeting. If you were unable to, please find the PowerPoint presentation on the link below:

Year 3 Curriculum Meeting

Class information 

We've got lots of exciting things to look forward to this year. Please click on the links below to find out a little bit more about our learning. 

Learning in Raleigh Class

HT5 Curriculum Overview: HT5 Curriculum Overview

HT5 Knowledge Organiser: HT5 Buzzing about Plants!

Summer Newsletter: Summer Newsletter

This term we have been finding out about what plants need to survive and what happens throughout a plant's life cycle. We dissected some tulips to take a closer look at the parts inside the flower and used this to help us explain processes such as pollination and seed dispersal. We also went on a pollinator hunt and discussed which flowers were most popular amongst the bees! 



This term we have been learning about Islam. We found out about salat (or salah) and created an information leaflet to explain what this involves. We asked and answered lots of questions about the prayer mats too.

In music, we have been learning how to play the glockenspiels. As a class, we used the boomwhackers to learn the notes and perform a round. 


HT4 Curriculum Overview: HT4 Curriculum Overview

As part of our Science week, we found out about the role of physiotherapists and used our knowledge of bones and muscles to design and create a bionic hand. We had lots of fun completing this!

Science Day 


This term we found out about magnetic materials and used this knowledge to create magnet mazes. We placed a paper clip on the top of our maze and a magnet at the bottom. Then our friends tried to escape through the obstacles! 

Magnet Maze Magnet maze

We were so thrilled to celebrate World Book Day as a class again. Here are some of our super costumes!

Spring A

HT3 Curriculum Overview: HT3 Curriculum Overview

Knowledge Organiser: Stone Age to Iron Age

Autumn B

HT2 Curriculum Overview: HT2 Curriculum Overview

Knowledge Organiser: HT2 What was life like for the Ancient Egyptians?

In History this term, Year 3 have been learning about the Ancient Egyptians. We found out about their beliefs, what life was like and why the River Nile was so important. We even had a go at mummifying a body of our own! First, we put on gloves and masks to prevent germs from entering the body. We tilted the table to drain the fluids and washed it with water from the River Parrett, just as the Egyptians used water from the Nile. After that, we used a hook to scoop out the brains. (Brains weren’t considered to be important after all!) Next, we carefully removed each of the organs and placed them in canopic jars. Each organ was protected by one of the Four Sons of Horus: Hapi (lungs), Imsety (liver), Duamutef (stomach), and Qebehsenuef (intestines). We put the heart back in. Then, we dried out the body with salt and left it. Once the body was dehydrated, we decorated it with makeup and hair. One member of our group wore the mask of Anubis and prayed for the body’s safe arrival in the afterlife, whilst the rest of us wrapped the body in linen (paper towels!). Finally, we closed the lid on the sarcophagus. Our mummy had been successfully preserved for the afterlife!

 Ancient Egypt Ancient Egypt Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt Ancient Egypt Ancient Egypt

We also had a go at some gardening this term. The Woodland Trust were very kind and donated lots of trees for us to plant in our Forest School area. We found out about the importance of trees and why they are so necessary for people, wildlife and the environment. We are looking forward to watching these grow!

 Trees Trees Trees

Trees Trees

In Geography this term, we have been learning about rivers. We used digital maps and atlases to look more closely at the River Nile and followed its features from each of the sources all the way to the Mediterranean Sea! We found out about the flooding, and its usage for transport and trade. We then wrote a recount about our trip along the Nile as a water droplet, and created a model to demonstrate our understanding. 

 Rivers Rivers

Rivers Rivers

Raleigh Class had a fun-filled day to raise awareness and money for Children in Need.

Children in Need

Autumn A

Curriculum overview: HT1 Curriculum Overview

Knowledge organiser: HT1 Where in the World is Bridgwater?

 In Science this term, Year 3 have been learning about the different types of nutrition in foods and comparing human and animal diets. We created our own human food pyramid, used Venn diagrams to work out the nutrients in different foods and then designed menus for Little Red Riding Hood's poorly grandmother. After discussing the nutrition in each starter, main and dessert, we decided on vegetable soup, vegetarian spaghetti bolognese and apple pie. It looked delicious!

Venn diagram Food pyramid 





In Geography this term, we used OS maps to identify the human and physical features of our town. We then plotted these on our own maps and used directional language to describe where different things are.




Creativity Week

This week was spent learning all about Italy. We learnt how to say some simple Italian phrases, located Italy on the map, produced some Arcimboldo-inspired art, designed our own clothes for fashion week, made pizzas and completed the 'Leaning Tower of Pasta' STEM challenge!





This term we worked on our place value and comparing/ordering numbers. We made a human number line to help us plot our numbers based on the amount of hundreds, tens and ones they each had. 



Mental Health Day

We talked about the importance of looking after our mental health and things we can say/do to make us and others around us happy. We also had a go at some mindfulness activities and listened to relaxing music.