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Northgate Primary School

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Raleigh Class archive 2021/22


Welcome to Raleigh Class!

My name is Miss Waygood and I am the class teacher. Mrs Picton, our Higher Level Teaching Assistant, works alongside me and we make up the Raleigh class team.

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Class information

Thank you to everyone who attended the curriculum meeting. If you were unable to, please find the PowerPoint presentation on the link below:

Curriculum Meeting

We've got lots of exciting things to look forward to this year. Please click on the links below to find out a little bit more about our learning.

Learning in Raleigh Class

HT6 Curriculum Overview: It's a Mystery!

HT6 Knowledge Organiser: Light and Dark

Revolting Children!

Year 3 performed 'revolting children' to the grown ups. Here are some of their fantastic moves!


Vivary Park trip

We enjoyed a super day out and had a go on the high ropes!



Wizard Tuesday!



HT5 Curriculum Overview: Buzzing about Plants!

HT5 Knowledge Organiser: Buzzing about Plants!

Planting Trees

Year 3 went over to the Brewery Fields and met with the site manager of the new development. We found out about some of the different plants and their purpose, then each had a go at planting one ourselves.


Sports Day

We had lots of fun on sports day! We all demonstrated super sportsmanship as we represented our teams across a number of sporting activities. Here are some snapshots!




As part of Health and Wellbeing Week, Jo from ASDA came in to teach us about different cheeses and how they are made. We all had a go at tasting a selection- including stilton!




In Science this term, we have been learning about the life cycle of a flowering plant. Here we are acting out some of the different stages.


Art-Clay Tiles

In Art this term we sculpted clay tiles. We used a viewfinder to create a close-up observational drawing of a flower in the style of Georgia O'Keeffe before experimenting with the creation of different textures. Here are some of our final pieces.


Science-Dissecting Flowers

This term we dissected flowers so that we could take a closer look at each of the different parts. 


HT4 Curriculum Overview: Return of the Robots

HT4 Knowledge Organiser: Return of the Robots


Year 3 teamed up with the Year 4s to find hidden eggs around the school. Each egg contained a quiz question which they needed to answer together. The children demonstrated eggcellent teamwork and were rewarded with chocolate eggs for their efforts! We also wore our Easter bonnets and the children performed their Easter service song, "In the Spring", beautifully. 




In order to earn our CREST awards, we took part in a number of STEM activities throughout the week. We had lots of fun investigating fingerprints and what's beneath our feet! 




This term the children had a go at playing hockey. They worked on their passing and travelling with the ball. Here are some of our action shots!



This term we have been investigating forces and magnetism. After working out which materials were magnetic and which materials were non-magnetic, we used paper clips to help us work out which magnet was the strongest.




Design and Technology

The children worked incredibly hard to design, make and evaluate a magnet maze/game for Mrs Powell in after school club. Here are some of their phenomenal creations!



World Book Day!


HT3 Curriculum Overview: Stone Age to Iron Age

HT3 Knowledge Organiser: Stone Age to Iron Age

 Forest School

Year 3 went into the Forest School area to complete some 'survival skills' activities. When working with Miss Glassup, they each had a go at building a fire. They then worked in teams to create a miniature shelter and observed real Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age artefacts.






NSPCC Number Day

The children found their pulse and had a go at recording their heart rate before and after exercise. Here they are with their symmetrical hearts! 

Cave Art

We have been working very hard on our Cave Art this term. We've developed our sketching skills; using charcoal and a range of pencils to draw prehistoric animals. We've also explored painting a little bit more and have created different tones of 'earthy' colours using watercolours and natural inks. We were amazed by the change in colour when we added lemon juice and baking soda!



Observing and Classifying Rocks

Year 3 have been investigating rocks this term. We tested their properties and classified them based on their appearance. We then used 2Question to create a branching database to help the Year 2s identify their rocks next year!

HT2 Curriculum Overview: Where in the World is Bridgwater?

HT2 Knowledge Organiser: Where in the World is Bridgwater?

Christmas Art

Year 3 made some beautiful Christmas cards by blending oil pastels to create a snowman and its shadow. The children persevered with the blending and they were all very proud of the result!




Raleigh Class have been working exceptionally hard on their 'Where in the World is Bridgwater' topic this term. They used OS maps and digital maps to find the town's features, then created and completed questionnaires with the Year 4 and 5 children. After that, the children completed fieldwork to find out more about Bridgwater as a place and created persuasive brochures to showcase the town. 





Cooking for Little Red Riding Hood's Grandmother

Year 3 have been learning about nutrition as part of their Science topic. After classifying different types of food based on the nutrients they give us, Year 3 designed a nutritious three-course meal for Little Red Riding Hood's poorly grandmother. We decided on a vegetable soup starter, bean chilli main and fruit salad dessert. We found out where some of these foods come from, how to use the 'claw' and 'bridge' methods to cut the vegetables and how to stay clean and safe in a kitchen environment. 





TT Rockstars

Year 3 had lots of fun on TT Rockstars Day. We dressed as rockstars and completed lots of times table activities. Year 3 made super guitar posters to help them remember their multiples of 4 and 8! 


STEM Challenges

Danielle from Willmott Dixon visited the school and Year 3 were tasked with making towers out of plastic straws and connectors. They needed to work in teams to make different structures. 


Street Dance

Year 3 amazed us all with their fantastic street dancing this week! Click on the links below to be blown away! 

Street Dance Video 1 Street Dance Video 2

Anti-Bullying Week

As part of anti-bullying week, Year 3 thought about the impact that our words can have on others. In order to spread some kindness, we stuck paper to our backs and took in turns writing compliments, words of encouragement and uplifting phrases. At the end of the session, we all took our pages off and enjoyed reading through the wonderful things our classmates had written. 


Learning in Raleigh Class

HT1 Curriculum Overview: Ancient Egypt

HT1 Knowledge Organiser: Ancient Egypt

Multicultural Week

During multi-cultural week, we found out about Italy and completed lots of Italian-themed art activities. We learnt a 'tarantella' dance, made our own pizzas, participated in a STEM task which involved building a 'Leaning Tower of Pisa', designed and made our own 'Milan Fashion Week' outfits, re-designed the Mona Lisa AND we made our own travel brochures. Here is some of our amazing work!




Tarantella Dance


In History this term, Year 3 have been learning about the Ancient Egyptians. We found out about their beliefs, and why it was important to preserve a body for the afterlife. We even had a go at mummifying a body of our own! First, we put on gloves to prevent germs from entering the body, then we washed the bodies with water from the Nile. After that, we used a hook to scoop out the brains. (Brains weren’t considered to be important after all!) We carefully removed each of the organs and placed them in canopic jars. Each organ was protected by one of the Four Sons of Horus: Hapi (lungs), Imsety (liver), Duamutef (stomach), and Qebehsenuef (intestines). Then, we dried out the body with natron salt and left it for 40 days. Once the body was dehydrated, we decorated it with makeup and hair. One member of our group wore the mask of Anubis and prayed for the body’s safe arrival in the afterlife, whilst the rest of us wrapped the body in linen (paper towels!). Finally, we closed the lid on the sarcophagus. Our mummy had been successfully preserved for the afterlife!




In Music, we have been singing, 'The Harvest Song' which we performed beautifully in our whole-school Harvest assembly. Miss Waygood and Mrs Picton were blown away by our super voices, and how we kept in time with the music during the assembly. Click on the link below to hear us working on our song in the classroom.

The Harvest Song

Positive Post! Computing/Mental Health Day

In Computing this term, we have been learning to send and receive emails with attachments safely and sensibly. We used our new learning to send 'positive post' on World Mental Health Day. We each chose a name at random from the lollypop jar, searched for them in the 'address book' and composed an email to surprise our friend and make them smile. Here are some of our lovely messages.


Art- Cartouche

In art, we found out about Ancient Egyptian cartouches. We sketched hieroglyphs in our sketch books then designed, made and evaluated a clay cartouche of our own. We developed our sculpting and joining techniques using the modelling tools. Here's how they turned out!




In Geography, we have been learning about rivers and their features. We came up with actions to describe the source, tributaries, confluence, meander, delta and mouth. We then looked more specifically at the features of the River Nile and used digital maps to look more carefully at the delta and Aswan dam. Once we had found out all of the information we needed, we had lots of fun creating junk models to show off our new learning! 



Maths- Number lines

We've also been working exceptionally hard in Maths this term! As part of our place value unit, we made human number lines to find and represent three-digit numbers. We were even able to suggest and explain possible starting points and ending points for any given number in the middle!


PE-Football skills

In PE with the coach, we have been developing our football skills. Here are some photos of us working on our passing using the insides of our feet.