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Northgate Primary School

Northgate Primary School

School Teams

Every child belongs to one of our four School Teams.

Oak                Yellow
Beech             Blue
Sycamore       Green
Rowan             Red

At the beginning of Spring term, the Year 6 children wrote speeches for the chance to become a House Captain. They all read their speeches to their school team and we were very proud of every single one of them. After listening to their school teams’ speeches, the teams voted for two children they would like to be elected to be their House Captain. It was a tough decision as each speech was fantastic. Below are the speeches of the elected children, we hope you enjoy reading them.

House Speeches



Hi Oak,


If you didn’t know already, my name is Enzo. I know the school very well and I am a very good role model. You should vote for me because I am very sporty, I am friendly, I will support you with most things and I have many talents. I have written an acrostic poem.



I can help with you worries



Never give up on good ideas

Endless ideas

Support all people

Sporty and very friendly


Finally, if I was house captain, I would change the house points and how they are awarded. I would change Mrs Powell’s house points from 5 to 10 team points, but only on Fridays’

If there are any questions then please ask now and remember to vote for me. I will give you a sticker.



I would like to be a house captain for Oak so that I can help and encourage others. If you didn’t know already, my name is Summer. I would appreciate it if you voted for me. I am very flexible and I will step in and help you with anything you need. If you vote for me, I will try and help you all. I will try my best to help you keep your scores up.


Do you have any questions?





Hello Beech,


For the people who don’t know me, my name is Emma. You should vote for me because I am very sporty and a very fast runner. I am really confident and flexible. I have good attendance. For me, it is not just about winning; it is about taking part that counts. When we are doing sport events, we will work as a team and cheer other teams on too.


Please vote for me, I will be very grateful.


Hopefully you enjoyed my speech.


Do you have any questions?


Thank you.




If you did not know, I am Chloe. I would really like to be house captain because I am funny, kind and trust worthy. I am not just for the winning; all I ask from my team is that we try. In assembly, we will be there for all the teams that get called. We will clap for all teams.


I also think I would be a good leader because I like doing leadership; I have a lot of things planned. I would like to wish that no one would sleep in my assemblies because they would be so fun.


Thank you for listening.






Hello Sycamore,


If you don’t know me, I am called Lillie. I would like you to vote for me because…

My first thing is because I am confident and fair. I like to listen to others opinions and I respect everyone’s personalities. Everyone is important to me and I believe in all of you. As being part of sycamore for one year, I know that we are all good at working as a team and persevering.

Secondly, you should all vote for me because if you need anything, then I will be there for you. I am a good role model and I am dedicated. I am also responsible and I have brilliant attendance.

Finally, I am good at recognising that everyone is not good at the same things, I am supportive and responsible.

If you vote for me, then I would try and help you out with getting more team points and if we have the most leaves then we might be able to arrange a really cool reward.

Please vote for me Sycamore.


Thank you for listening.



Dear Sycamore,


Hello everyone, my name is Emily! I think I should be house captain because I will be a good role model and I can help you with any problems. I will always leave the room with positivity and I will always try to make you smile. If you are worried, come to me and I will try and solve it. I am not here just for the win; I am here to take part. I have great attendance and I will make you laugh a lot.

Please vote for me, it will mean a lot to me.

If you have any questions, please ask them now.





Hello Rowan Team,


For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Benson. You should vote for me because I will be a good leader and I will be dedicated to help those who need my help. I am a really good role model, I have good attendance, I am very sporty and I am funny! I am very competitive when it comes to team games; I am the one you can count on. If you have any ideas then don’t hesitate to come and tell me.


Please vote for me.



Good afternoon team Rowan,


I am Piper; I would like to be house captain because I am willing, kind, helpful and responsible. I believe that being a house captain is not just about winning; it’s about being a team, if you vote for me that would make my dream come true. Although I am new to the school, I would like to help those who are in need of company. If you have any questions the come and ask me.




Please note: Children are allocated to a team when they start school, siblings are put into the same team.  Team points are given by the staff for good work, helpfulness, kindness, effort and for a whole variety of worthwhile reasons, not necessarily associated with ability.  Children work towards a whole team score, and at the end of the term there is an award for the team with the highest score.